Finally! A year and a half ago we posted about it, and now it’s almost here. One of of the best places in Paris to have a great croissant a great cafe au lait and a great overall experience is opening soon at 360. I hope we’re gonna get the same patisseries and paris’s overall quality, minus the attitude.

Note: Bahrain was supposed to have it open first. They had the ‘Ladurée opening soon’ sign up at ModaMall for a long time only to remove it and have Maki open in it’s place.

Thanks HBZ


This entry was posted on Thursday, June 17th, 2010 at 12:26 am

9 Responses to “LADURÉE Opening Soon”

  1. s. says:

    it is not gonna be half as good :p

  2. Bo9ale7 says:

    well i disagree with s, most of the franchises in kuwait taste better than the original restaurants, maybe because kuwaities are picky so the owner pay extra attention for ingrediants quality and presentation..

  3. m7 says:

    AGREE with bo 9ale7 + meta byefta7 ? el ma7allat elly feh 9arlohom more than 1 year open soon and still we are waiting !

  4. a la Mocha says:

    I love their vanilla macaron

  5. Dee says:

    thier desserts are amazing.. bas chan zain eyghyren il menu 😛

  6. Hessa says:

    oh yum! can’t wait!

  7. Marzouq says:

    Lets hope they have the same quality as the main branch!

  8. aurora says:

    i need the Laduree contact numbers in Dubai please!!!!!!