What do you see in this picture? I saw a lake at first!

A lady was looking to rent her house, so she took this picture for the potential renters, and they were excited to see a lake infront of the house, but to their disappointment, the lady contacted and told them: “unfortunately that is not a lake, it is a wall“



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10 Responses to “Lake House?”

  1. 7etta lou mako lake .. elmanthar esh7alata !! ;/


  2. kalbonish says:

    check ur email !!!


  3. Mishary says:

    chena ma3a el 6ofaa 7ilooow ham !!


  4. manayer says:



    ma adree shloon fee nas y7bon il6bee3a o ilmnathr il5alaba!
    ya3nee ana montreux every yr 6la3t ro7ee!! a5ith 9aifi bl jam3a bl 7arr wala aroo7 ajabil bo7aira o jabal!


  5. Yousef says:

    Manayer! A7ad e3aaf montreux!! A7la manather feeha! O yamkom gruyere! Laa laa mahagaitich e9ara7a :p


  6. INM says:

    wayed 7elwah ,Smart


  7. manayer says:

    Yousef…HAHAHA ee walla ana kilish mo nature girl!! ana a7ib city a7eb rabsha a7eb qawahee a7eb sooq a7eb cinema!! ahalee allah yhdahum 3thab kl 9aif montreux LAA3AT CHABDE! ana ma ashoof wain iljamal fee mjabal b7aira o ba6 o iljabal o il english garden o hide park o garmish o tegense o ilar’6 al’5a’6raa2 o ilworood!! kilihum 3OOOOOO3! wadnee LA new york chicago miami munich milan spain sharm ilshai5 EE mo tgolee montreux o evian o devon o annecy o !! they’re over-rated binisba lii!


  8. manayer says:

    oh and i know divonne isnt spelled “devon” o tegensee isnt spelled “tegense” o garmisch isnt spelled “garmish” bs ana mn 7ubee o 3shgii ilzayid luhum kilish ma ahtam eb spelling o hal 5arabee6! ilmohim ilma3loma w9alt


  9. Mishary says:

    manayer, Montreux? ay soob eb montreux .. Clarens, Blonay … wela wain ? kelesh ela Montreux etha ga3adtaay be bo7ayraa yam Mac o sheftaay 99.99% metnag3een ehnaak o sayer chenaaa Mac 7adegaat mishref matkooon hathy Montreux :)


  10. manayer says:

    e7na eb clarens 3nd rue de lac..awal kena yam il mostashfa bas ile m3ai ma kan 3ajibhum ila9wat o yaboon agrab 7ag il lake! ilee ykarihne zyada eb montreux ina kila kuwaitiyeen! ya3ni walla ana msafra abe aftak minkum abee wyooh ydeeda malait minkum..t6l3onle kil mokan! o ilbanat lazem 3ad ilzwara ilyawmiya o etha ma r7na galaw maleeqa o ma’3rora o 3asra! plus its a LAKE! ma ashof wain il jmal fee..


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