I spotted this sign today as I was leaving Chillis (I know..) but no one is paying it any attention and they seem like they’re having lots of fun swimming in that off limits beach.

I wonder why was it prohibited..


This entry was posted on Saturday, June 5th, 2010 at 2:11 am

10 Responses to “No Swimming Sign”

  1. khalid says:

    actually if you look at the arabic it says that the water isn’t safe to swim in…

  2. Frankom says:

    Something related to mishref case

  3. Mark says:

    Yeah its because of the sewage.

  4. Adrenaline says:

    they should have said ملوثه….its actually around 1500% over the international limits

  5. Chirp says:

    I remember there were signs like that for a while, before the mishref case, I think the current there is too strong or something.

  6. Sinful eye's says:

    ماكو حداق هني كلش ؟
    معروف المكان اللي جبال تشيليز عند الابراج .. تيارات قويه
    يقولك دش غوص عند الابراج و انا انطرك تطفح عند راس بنيد القار !
    وايد اماكن فيها تيارات قويه بالكويت .. بس عمك اصمخ !
    يمكن اللي صج صار معروف اللحين مكان مشروع لؤلؤة الخيران .. التيار قوي قوي يسحبك سحب .. و ما صكروه الا عقب ما راح ولد الناس من جيس اهله
    الله يرحمه الدكتور محمد منصور المجادي

  7. meh says:

    yemken 3ashan elkwetyeen wel 3arab elle ewaskhon elba7ar ma eyoon.

  8. noon says:

    mo5alafat mishref

  9. Bo9ale7 says:

    i think its related to strong currents.

  10. Marzouq says:

    The waters are really polluted at our shores! Its very sad the state we have reached!