We won’t be suffering from traffic jams in the mornings for a good 3 months! No more ‘get out of the house an hour before work to dodge traffic’ until the 19th of september when schools start again. Till then, I’m gonna use that snooze button like crazy.



This entry was posted on Wednesday, June 9th, 2010 at 3:54 pm

7 Responses to “No Traffic Jams until September”

  1. manayer says:

    7atta entay!!!

    ana mn sunday i snooze minimum 6 times! o sa3at ba3ad a9ik il alarm o agool 7g il morbiyat yga3done afetr ne9 sa3a 3ashan ma te5trib ilnoma kel 5 mins:D:D:D

    9ij mako za7ma bs akoo shams 7anannaa!! ba3ad cham yom eb tamsheee yamna mn kither il7ar

  2. manayer says:

    SRY i meant “enta” dnt ask laish 6la3t entay
    walla adree entaw ryayeel

  3. Yousef says:

    hehe its ok. Manayer you asked about that guy’s number a couple of times, the fireplace guy, well I seriously wouldn’t recommend him. Fashil. One day I’ll write about him..

  4. manayer says:

    hahaha LOL mo mshkila oboy lga another moqawil;P o ma a’9n malkum arda mn malna! its a thing with “moqawileen” kilhum n9abeen o sh’3l ZERO!

  5. Raha says:

    la7athtow el farg akheraan khalesaw el madares!!

  6. Scotch says:

    why are the B letters in arabic covered with blue stuff?

  7. Kal says:

    yeah finally.. no road rage for 3 months..!