Remember when Yousef wrote about it six months back, Well someone just sent me these pictures (Below you will find 30+ pictures) about Dubai’s latest Hotel, the Armani Hotel. Its in Burj Khalifa near Dubai mall. Its an amazing hotel but once you know the rooms prices you will be shocked. It start at KD222 for Armani Studio, up to KD715, and it’ll cost you a bit more once you add the taxes. For more pictures click below.

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One of our friends is willing to sell two baby elephants for KD 10,000 they are available in Kuwait right now and those who are interested leave a comment and he will contact you by email.




It will be located in Alsabahiya and will have 25 cinemas, I don’t really know when it’s supposed to open but all I know from the same people behind 360 Mall. I’ll Keep you with the pictures below.

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Finally! A year and a half ago we posted about it, and now it’s almost here. One of of the best places in Paris to have a great croissant a great cafe au lait and a great overall experience is opening soon at 360. I hope we’re gonna get the same patisseries and paris’s overall quality, minus the attitude.

Note: Bahrain was supposed to have it open first. They had the ‘Ladurée opening soon’ sign up at ModaMall for a long time only to remove it and have Maki open in it’s place.

Thanks HBZ


Saudi Arabia unveils it’s first locally built car. The car is an SUV, a 4 wheel drive, and had just got the OK from King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz on Monday to enter production.

There are not much details about the car except that it’s named Ghazal 1, it’s 4.8 meters long and 1.9 meters wide and is a four wheel drive. The plan is to produce 20,000 units over the next 3 years.

More Pictures:

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Thanks Fawaz




You can have a front camera for your current iPhones with iSnapMe. It’s Kd6 and you can buy it HERE




It’s be nice to see one of these Auto Wudu washers here in Kuwait.


I just came back from there, we were thinking of places to go for dinner but we were out of names. All 3 of us had our no-no restaurant, we contemplated: Maki, Chillis, The Noodle House, Don Mario’s, Oriental Cuisine, Ricardo, Fridays, Burger boutique, Sliders, Prime n Toast.. etc. But each and everyone of these was turned down by one of us. You’d think a dinner won’t be that complicated, but it is in our case.. always.

Just when we were thinking of bo6a6 o badiyan and falafil for dinner Kuwait Towers restaurant was mentioned. To make a long story short, after a little while we agreed to go there. The place in my opinion is amazing, the Kuwait Towers location and the view were just perfect. Everything else was crap. Pure Crap. Seriously.

It’s a buffet, an over priced buffet (coz the food sucked), with bad service, bad food, bad everything. I mean what a shame to have that magnificent location and view and to be placed at the top of a frickin landmark! and have it all go to waste with a well below average food?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a great restaurant up there? A 5 star place where people would reserve tables a month in advance to get a chance to taste an international chef’s dishes (daydreaming?). My friend was telling us while eating “If this was in Dubai we’d be hearing about world renowned chefs visiting the place every month and the place would probably be one of the IT places in town.”

A little piece of advice, DON’T think of going there, it was a big mistake that will never happen again. And if you ever had guests come to Kuwait, take them there in the afternoons, let them enjoy the panorama view, and then leave.

Made me regret not having a falafil for dinner. What a shame.

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I dont know if you know about this already or not, but it seems like a good idea. You call them and they will come to your home and they build some small kiosk in the garden (pictures below) and start cooking and serving food from there.

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Remember my previous post about the  Officially unlocked iPhone 4 countries list, Well two of those countries will start shipping the iPhone 4 and they will be available in the UK, officially unlocked, for KD260(16GB) and KD303 (32GB)  or KD227 (16GB) and KD267 (32GB) in France. White iPhones are still not available for pre-orders. Pre-orders are limited to two per customer. Since France prices are much cheaper than UK’s, I ordered two iPhone 4 16GB. Lets see if they’ll accept my order.


That is one lucky boy!

The boy was with his father in the mall, and apparently the father wasn’t looking when the boy decided to hold the escalator belt and climb to the top before falling.. Thank God a man spotted the kid before falling and was there to catch him.

Thanks 7antoosh


We were just sent these pictures of huge smokes coming out of somewhere in kuwait city, we also were told that there are lots of sirens.

We hope no one got hurt.

Thanks Bader




Its 6:47 am and its 40! Then when its come to 3:00 pm whats gonna be?


I’m sure that every one of you have heard of Net-a-Porter, which is a women based online shopping store but now finally they’ve decided to launch their men version. I hope they gonna offer the same services such as international shipping with free returns.



Seems to be X-cite and Electrozan reduced their iPad’s prices for the 3G version.

And Electrozan is cheaper than X-cite by 1 KD in each model plus they will give you some free Apps and silicon cover with a year of warranty.


The opening ceremony for the world cup 2010 has just began on Aljazeera Sport 2. Or you can be updated with the latest via Foot Ball Directa


Google introduced new feature which is teaching the basics for any one who’s willing to learn how to use the internet and its in Arabic, They’ve called it Google Ahlan Online

Above video made by Google about Google Ahlan.


  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Greece
  • Hong Kong
  • Italy
  • Luxemburg
  • Macau
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Singapore
  • Slovakia
  • South Africa
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates

The above list is of the Countries who are authorized to sell factory unlocked iPhone 4. It seems that France is still not on the list but surprisingly KSA is on it.





I’ll be leaving today to Qatar! I don’t know why Qatar, especially in this hot weather, but I’ve been wanting to go there ever since Intlxpatr started posting about it.. and since I don’t get to have a real vacation this summer, Qatar sounded real good to me and my friends.

I know nothing about the country, I’ll be collecting information from here and there. My friend intlxpatr gave me some valuable info about places to go and see, and I had them saved on my mobile. If you know any good places to visit in Qatar PLEASE do tell! I’m gonna need everything you know about the country. I’m going to be there for the weekend only and ofcourse will be posting about it when I get back.

I’m Not Going!

Bad luck at it’s best! I was informed just 3 hours before the take off that I had some work related stuff to do, and I have to work on it during the weekend coz the deadline is on Sunday at 8 am.. Woohoo! 👿 I just hate it when I prepare myself for something and have it taken away from me just like that!

P.S. The nice friends of mine are now boarding the plane. How nice the situation that I’m in is, huh?

P.P.S. The plane got delayed, then almost took off without them.


If you have a Mac desktop or laptop and an iPhone, then you have to watch the game above which turns your iPhone into a Wii-like gaming device!