Saudi Arabia unveils it’s first locally built car. The car is an SUV, a 4 wheel drive, and had just got the OK from King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz on Monday to enter production.

There are not much details about the car except that it’s named Ghazal 1, it’s 4.8 meters long and 1.9 meters wide and is a four wheel drive. The plan is to produce 20,000 units over the next 3 years.

More Pictures:

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This entry was posted on Thursday, June 17th, 2010 at 12:02 am

3 Responses to “Saudi Unveil Ghazal 1”

  1. kwt23 says:

    I read about this earlier, that students have built it…way to go Saudi youth … although truth must be said: that is an ugly vehicle.

  2. gk says:

    I second @kwt23.. Great achievement and I hope to see it on the roads.. they must work on the exterior since it looks like a cart pulled by ghazals :p

    BTW does anyone know the specs on this car? How much would it cost?

  3. Hi All,

    This is really nice to here and i say keep it up Saudi youths…

    Shabir Gilkar

    Kashmir, Asia.