This is one of the most horrific things I’ve seen. The earth suddenly just dropped and swallowed a whole 3 story clothing factory and a house.

“A sinkhole is a natural depression caused by the removal of underground soil by water. Usually, it happens when the substrate is formed by limestone, carbonate rock, salt beds or any other rock that is easily eroded by water streams. The process could be slow, but sometimes the land just cracks open without notice. In this case, it happened suddenly, swallowing an entire house. The cause: Massive underground water torrents created by tropical storm Agatha.”



This entry was posted on Monday, June 28th, 2010 at 12:15 am

3 Responses to “Sinkhole in Guatemala”

  1. Hatch3r says:

    Scary! I would not want to be driving or walking near that sink hole..

  2. ali says:

    2012 is upon us!

  3. Summer says:

    scary!! how deep is it??