Let me first begin with: Yes, there is a problem with the reception. coz thats what everybody asks whenever they see the iPhone with me. But it’s not a big problem, calls don’t get dropped everytime I use it, actually I had a call drop only once, so far.

Anyway, Hamad ordered 2 iPhone Bumper cases for him and me and we just got them yesterday. The case works perfectly.

1- solves the reception problem 100%.
2- doesn’t bulk up the phone, actually it is unnoticeable.
3- every button is accessible.

Covers the silver line around the iPhone.

All in all I’d say go for Bumper coz it does what it is made for very nicely.

Thanks Hamad


This entry was posted on Monday, July 19th, 2010 at 11:44 am

4 Responses to “Bumper Case for iPhone 4”

  1. FAH-Buzberry says:

    Mabrouk! Enjoy your phone. Hehe Me too, everybody wants to touch and test my iPhone 4.. As you said, although the problem with the reception exists, the bumper or a small duct tape will solve the problem. Note that the dropped calls are related more to the 3G network- especially when you switch from one cellular tower to another. I used to have dropped calls with my iPhone 3Gs too- so again you will keep on getting dropped calls (mainly over the 3G network) but they are not purely related to the iPhone 4:)

  2. Bu m7amad says:

    ishd3wa bu 7amdi .. chan khlat’houm three :Pp

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  4. Jacqui says:

    But the bumper looks nice I got mine along with the Incipio Feather case altho I like the Incipio (only bcos it covers most part of the phone) if the Bumper had a protection thing for the back of the fone I would’ve loved it more!