I didn’t try this one yet. Let us know if this hack really works on elevators.


This entry was posted on Tuesday, July 27th, 2010 at 6:09 pm

12 Responses to “Elevator Hack”

  1. His says:

    I tried different button combinations never worked !.

    I have to try this one.

  2. Soomy says:

    Will try it En sha allah :p

  3. Sinful eye's says:

    i did read about it years ago ,, tried it in all sorts of elevetors ,, never works the way u want ,, it work in a special way ! .. u have to do it before anyone else press the butten to call the elevetor
    ya3ni ,,, u do it while there’s no one else has called the elevetor at any floor ,, then after u do it ,,if someone along the way from any of the floors to come called the elevetor ,, it well skip him ,, that how it works !

  4. meh says:

    This is pretty old and it does not work. I guess elevator companies released a patch to fix that hack haha

  5. Ansam says:

    It worked in the elevators of the building I used to work in… my coworkers and I (at the time) took advantage of this lol! But it wont work for ALL elevators 😉

  6. SwairZ says:

    did anyone notice ena mako wla number 4!! no 4 or 14 or 24? which country believes 4 is bad luck? i know abt 13 bs awal marah ashof 4

    weird! yet intriguing :p

  7. Barmait says:

    zgert! I’m totally trying this!

  8. brownsuger says:

    That is so wiked !

  9. baroni says:

    — …which country believes 4 is bad luck?…

    4 = shi = death

  10. BoFawzi says:

    يا معود ما تسوى عليك يعلق الاصانصير و تطفى كهربته على بو تبي توصل بسرعة

  11. Marzouq says:

    loool! Probably wudn’t work on most elevators!

  12. TaZmaNia says:

    e3jebaatny waydddd 🙂 thanks for sharing