I noticed this billboard on Fahaiheel Highway as I was taking the 5th ring road exit. I’m not sure if the message was clearly conveyed, or if the company’s name was clear enough for the speeding cars, but nevertheless I liked it, I thought it was very eye catching.

We’re getting better billboards now, have you noticed this past year? I’m enjoying the creative ones.. Especially the ones with extra stuff sticking out of them, you know? I like those.



This entry was posted on Sunday, July 25th, 2010 at 12:00 am

5 Responses to “Expression’s Billboard”

  1. saloom says:

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    saloom enas lail ana agool.. wetha ma3indik shay yeswa etgoola.. 7e6 rasik o nam. bala kharabee6.

  2. Frankom says:

    7arkaaat 🙂

  3. Marzouq says:

    I think its a bit on the dangerous side, takes me a second to reread it to make sure I got it right, eye catching but catches too much attention! lol

  4. Aseel says:

    I nearly crashed into the car next to me.. Not a great idea for a highway billboard.. Loving the creativity though..

  5. F A says:

    omg omg hal unprofessional/dangerous billbooard sawwat saalfah.
    ommy shafat.ha o ihya tsoog o 7awilat tigraha ba`3at tsawwy 7aadith o daggat 3alay m3a9ba tgool she called them o ilbaladiyah 3ashan ysheeloonha asap. they thanked her. ana, 5irreejat marketing, agol how stupid hal technique yin7a6 3ala HIGHWAY.. hatha akthar shay yusta5dam 7ag printed media lama ilnas tkon mrakza.
    “everything in its place and a plave for everything<- this billboard ma t6abbiq hal maqoola. ashwa we no longer c it.
    definately, fail.