We got a message from Fahad² saying Fatburger is now open, and that they’re serving everything free of charge. My friends and I wanted to try it out, but we hesitated thinking it’d be packed since it’s their first day and that everything was free. We worried we’d find a huge line and end up wasting the rest of the day waiting. We ended up going there anyway. There was no line and the place was about 50% full.

This is my first time at Fatburger. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do, sit at a table and wait for the waiter? Go and order from the counter? I wasn’t sure, so I let my friend lead the way, and he led us to the counter. We ordered and waited at the table.

The waiters were extremely welcoming and enthusiastic, which was fun. Even when they yelled our orders as we were heading to the table. They do that, they get your order and yell it out to the rest of the team, and then all the team yell it right back. It was kinda awkward coz I ordered the double fatburger and everybody got to know about it. But then again they yelled everyone’s order.. many people got the double fatburger, which made me less self conscious 😛

Anyway, here is the deal. I don’t want to sound harsh. I seriously don’t. But I found the burger.. OK. The burger was nice, the bun was cold, the relish stood out with the mustard, and the mayo was bland. It overall didn’t meet my expectations. It’s better than Fudds’s, better than most places with burgers, but doesn’t come close to Johnny’s. Thats what I thought. Don’t get me wrong, I’d go there again, I enjoyed it, didn’t fall in love with it though.. I thought it was a nice juicy burger.

The fries was ok, too. I’d wait for the chili cheese fries since it was marked ‘coming soon’ on the menu. Oh, and there was a little problem mistake with the burgers, some were over seasoned, and turned out salty, and some were under-seasoned and lacked salt. Considering they’re still pretty new and have just opened, mistakes like these shouldn’t take long to be corrected and mastered.

The highlight was the Vanilla Milkshake. It rocked. Took me by surprise actually. I loved it and thought it was worth driving to Mahboola even if you weren’t in the mood for burgers.

We had a little chat with the owner, Mr. Nawaf, who was extremely nice and polite even when we criticised some of the things we ate. He explained that their Vanilla shake is made from a Kuwait made vanilla icecream. The icecream is brought over from 360’s Life with Cacao (same owners). Which really made sense to me, since I’ve had their vanilla icecream when I went there, and I completely and utterly loved it. I kept praising and recommending it to whoever is going there, coz it was perfect. Actually I was surprised that such an amazing icecream was made in Kuwait. You have to try it. Hat’s off to you guys for this amazing recipe.

To wrap things up, their burger is good, many of you will love it, I’ve had better in Kuwait, but overall it was a nice change.

Fatburger is now open everyday from 5pm to midnight. They’re located in Mahboola at Spoons food mall.


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  1. بألف عافيه ان شاء الله يابويعقوب

    اشوفه اليوم فاتح عندنا بس كنت متعشي وقلت ان شاء الله باجر

  2. Mishary says:

    Ewaneees aby ajarbaa! Bas mo chena el burger ma7rooga?

  3. gk says:

    I tried it in Dubai.. It was disappointing experience with size and taste 🙁

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  5. ban1 says:

    lazem ajerba shwaqteney youseef 🙂

  6. بوصلوح يرد الروح says:

    اللحم حلال؟ ما شفت اي علامه معلقه عالطوفه او سألت اللي يشتغلون؟

  7. giggles says:

    i tried it in dubai and it was not bad, hope this one turns out to be good.

  8. meh says:

    I tried it in Dubai, its definitely better than all the other junk joints.

    And for the person asking about the meat, it’s 7aram and its pork, and with a little bit of insects.

    PS: and how long will they be serving free food? 😀

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  10. Scotch says:

    I got a msg from someone related to the owner in someway, it actually opens from 4pm to 12am, not 5pm.

  11. Berserk-KW says:

    wait.. mark was saying it was in fintas.. is this the same one!?

  12. SR says:

    The place sucks the food is awful … over priced .. do your self a favor and go to johnny .. or just go to burger king you will get a better burger there

  13. Marzouq says:

    7adik yawa3tny! lol

  14. Q80 In Denver says:

    I used to eat from fatburger back when I was in Denver and I have always enjoyed it .. it wasn’t my favorite, heck it wasn’t even on my top 20 places to eat burger from .. but I always thought it’s a good (Quality) fast food place to have a quick bite .. last month, I went to Dubai and had a chance to try and compare .. I thought the burger was almost identical to the one in the states but not the fries .. Last weekend, I tried the one here in Kuwait and what a miserable experience we had! the customer service was awful .. their cashier didn’t have change .. they messed up many orders .. the fries sucked! but the burger was good ..

    Believe it or not .. looking at places serving real fast food burgers .. I would really think that fatburger might be the best so far .. Johnny rockets burgers went down the hill in the last few years!

  15. Ali Al-R says:

    i just ate at the fat burger restaurant love it , i ordered the double fatburger with fat fries Yuuuuuummmy

  16. Khaled says:

    Very very unwelcoming staff and rude, and the manager could barely speak english and was not scencere,he sounds korean

    they made us wait untill 6:30pm yesterday to start taking orders although fotoor time was 6:20 :S, they didnt understand we were fasting and didnt let us order drinks to break our fast :S

    not to mention locking us out when we went for a 5 minute stroll outside lol. @ 6:25pm

    The staff were very unprofessional, they didnt know the menu well, half of them said they had chilli fries and the other half said they didnt, they were trying to keep us out like herd

    The food was definetly not worth the trip nor is the price. I’d be more than happy to pay the same amount to a much more professional burger chain such as Johnny Rockets which come with the experience as well.