Some people in Russia wanted to promote their parasailing business when they landed on this idiotic idea: Tie a donkey to a parachute and force it to parasail! And you know what? They actually went ahead with their plan, dragging the donkey upward, screaming, for half an hour then landed the poor thing into the water in a horrific manner only to be pulled out of the water half alive.

The people behind this idea are facing charges that could lead to a maximum punishment of up to 2 years.



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  2. Iam a NHL Skating Coach, I was thinking of taking a hockey team to Russia but after seeing the cruelty done to a donkey, I would not set one foot in Rissia. The people that did this should go to jail for 5 years. Trust me, Russia has lost alot of tourist business. It was a disgrace to see this on National TV Barbara williams

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