Rumors have been circulating about a recall for all the new iPhones but there is no official announcement yet, and according to many news sources, it is very unlikely to happen.

However apple has a solution.. the bumper case:

“The bumper case is a rubber holder that just surrounds the exterior of the device, and that Apple started selling the same day as the iPhone 4 for $29. Apple has already said it’s not giving the cases away for free. It’s not clear why the company wouldn’t do that, especially when the problem has been reproduced by many people, though it varies by place and person.”cnet news

The least they could do is give each iPhone buyer the bumper case for free. Thats just the least they could do if the problem proved to be something they can’t solve with a software update.


This entry was posted on Thursday, July 1st, 2010 at 1:31 am

11 Responses to “iPhone 4 antenna problem”

  1. Blushberry says:

    This is true .. after i fixed the bumper the problem is solved .. i recommend the pumper

  2. Marco Polo says:

    Figures why they launched the bumper with the iphone..

  3. Bo9ale7 says:

    what is the problem exactly ?

  4. q8travelbud says:

    It seems that every new iphones comes with problems!

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  6. meh says:

    and the problem brings them more money instead 🙂

  7. the one and only skinny freak says:

    Probably to get more money 😛

  8. Hamad says:

    mishary, nothin serious.. sometimes while on 3G and if im indoor the signal goes down if the antenna is covered properly.

  9. aao says:

    hi this is my small iphone 4 review, if u would like to post about it

  10. Khaled says:

    Apple Just announced the real problem behind the sudden drop on reception bars :

  11. meh says:

    LOL a7la bullshitting