^The reason behind some of the delays we encounter every now and then!



This entry was posted on Saturday, July 31st, 2010 at 10:15 pm

7 Responses to “It’s not Aramex’s fault after all!”

  1. Frankom says:

    يمكن أكو كلب عزكم الله داخل الصندوق

  2. Deema says:

    I felt bad for the box, what a harsh torment.

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  4. Amal Shawky says:

    NEED A PUSH Please help Anybody there???? Helppppp

  5. Marzouq says:

    What ever is inside it got annihilated! looool

  6. The One And Only Skinny Freak says:

    Its probably cuz of one of the round things on the sides that ironicly were put to make objects glide faster XD

  7. Varun Roy says:

    Some idiot took a 3 minute video of this, instead of just helping the shipment on its way. D-uh!