Yes finally its completed. Just received two iPhone 4 16GB  from UK store, I’ve ordered them from my Kuwaiti Visa and UK Shop & Ship address.

Both of them they cost me for Shop & Ship around KD10.5 which is acceptable but the thing which is the not acceptable is the clearance from the customs which takes almost double the period of the shipping it self, Shipping from UK to Kuwait is 2 days and waiting for clearance is 4 days. Anyhow it worth the wait at the end because its an iPhone 🙂


This entry was posted on Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 at 11:26 pm

19 Responses to “Mission 2/2 is Completed”

  1. Brownzee says:


    Note : you can order a free Bumper later this week

    good luck “:)

  2. FAH-Buzberry says:

    Mabrouuk:) Enjoy it:)

  3. Mishary says:

    Brownzee, already got two bumpers 🙂

    FAH-Buzberry, thankssss 🙂

  4. Marzouq says:

    Mabrook Enjoy the phone! Now to get the case for it! 😀

  5. 9k2hn says:

    Same problem here it took 4 days in customs, I think this is Aramex problem and not like they say that the delay is from Kuwaiti Customs. I hardly use Aramex anymore and if i’m ordering small thing i ship it directly to Kuwait

  6. Fawzi says:

    yala 5al enjareb el facetime 😛

  7. Ronaldo says:

    Lama 6alabt bel billing address mako kuwait , ! shloon 6alabt 3al NBK Credit Card o el billing address malha kuwait, o bel apple store online wagt eli eb ta6lib bel biiling address mako kuwait !

    shipping address ako kuwait

  8. Ronaldo says:

    ya3ami zain rid 3al 3allam enta ! fate7 modawntik 3ashan takshet bel 3allam ?

    mn el sa3a chm kateblik ana my comment ! mn el sa3a 10 !

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  10. Bo9ale7 says:

    Lool ronaldo yousef o mishari 7ayathom matogaf 3end alblog 3endey sheqel thaney eb denyathoom :p give them sometime

  11. Mishary says:

    Ronaldo, hehehehehehehe hady a3sabek ana fate7 (modawenty) 3ashan ared 3al 3alaam bas methel magal bo9ale7 tara e7naa mo emjableenhaa 24/7 .. El mohem khal nerja3 3ala so’alek, reardless your shipping & Billing address will be Aramex address and even your billing country will be UK

  12. moh-anna says:

    i want to order one

    is the one in apple.com/uk for 499 pounds unlocked ???

    cause if it is, i’m ordering as soon as you respond 🙂

  13. Mishary says:

    Moh-Anna, yes it is and mabrook moqadaman 🙂

  14. Ronaldo says:

    Thanks Mishary , eeh chithi ok 😛

    mo takshet bel 3allam o matrid 3al comments 😛

    el7een kil shay wathe7, 7a6et el My Country United Kingdom o el Billing o el shipping address 7a6et’hom kila mal Aramex UK

    o etha wesal bel salama lek meni etjarba esboo3 o etreda

  15. Mishary says:

    Ronaldo, Hehehehe la yobaaa mashkooor 3endy wa7ed o etkasraa bel 3afyaa inshalaa o mabrook moqadaman 🙂

  16. Q80 In Denver says:

    Mishary .. Bayaaa3? 😛 Gel Tm 😛

  17. Mishary says:

    Q80 In Denver, la yobaa ! Masadagt wesalny 🙂 taby 3GS yomken afaker ba3ad 🙂

  18. Q80 In Denver says:

    hehe la yeba etkasra bel 3afiya enshala! 🙂

  19. moh-anna says:

    Finally,, my iPhone has shipped, sooner than i expected 2 weeks 🙂

    i didn’t want to comment until it got shipped 🙂

    it shipped from china, so it goes to the UK then to me through ARAMEX 🙂

    thanx dude, alllllllll my gratitude