Have you ever tried getting a taxi at Kuwait’s airport? Di you try getting one at 3am when there was a line that went from here —– to there? Well my friend and I did just that the other day when we came back from our little getaway this past weekend. It wasn’t a pleasant experience getting a taxi in Kuwait, not at all.

Bear with me, I have lots to say. And if I come off unorganized, just know that I didn’t get much sleep last night.

We arrived late because one of the airplane’s “felanges” had some problems and the pilot wasn’t sure if it was safe to take off so he had to return back from the runway to the parking area to have it checked.

We arrived around an hour late and were rushing out of the airport to look for a taxi. No friend no matter how good he is would pick us up at 3am, especially on a working day. The problem was we didn’t know where to look for taxis, we didn’t know where taxis normally line, or if there were taxis at this hour in Kuwait’s airport to begin with. To our surprise we found a waiting line (one that went from here to there). We waited inline and parked our bags next to us. The line was mainly made of expats, and only 3 Kuwaitis: Me, My friend, and one other man who couldn’t wrap his mind around the waiting-inline concept. No matter how many times I mentioned that there was line and he should stick to it (7ajjy ako 6aboor.. 9of bildor), he just kept standing in front of the line and waving at every taxi he sees. Thank God no taxi paid attention to him. (he looked like mar3oob by the way)

The waiting went for well over 30 minutes because there simply were no taxis available. There was also a gap between every taxi and the other that stretched, sometimes, for an unnecessary 5 minutes. It was hectic waiting with all the hot weather and humidity, and it was even more hectic having to keep an eye on the brainless people who were all competing for ‘Man with least brain cells’ award.

When we finally were 2nd in line for a taxi, a taxi driver came along and decided to skip us all and go for the last person inline. The whole line was now looking at that last person inline, all in an attack mode. That person looked around, feeling like he was about to do something wrong, then looked at us. He stopped in his place once he noticed our blazing gazes. The taxi driver then motioned him over while yelling ‘yalla!!.’ That person then decided to lift his bags and head towards the taxi. I couldn’t contain myself and yelled at them both. I yelled first at the guy with the bags, which made him re-plant his bags on the ground, and look at me with bewildered eyes. “wenta ma9adagt nadaak chan tarketh! Mako door o naas 9aafa gablik?!” I said. He said some words that were carefully chosen to sound as innocent as possible. I ignored him and his lame excuse and yelled at the driver to pull back from the end of the line to the front to pick the lady who is rightfully the first in line. The English speaking lady thanked me and my friend and took that taxi.

Our turn finally came. Our long awaited savior had arrived. But our savior was old and sleepy. He also wanted to know where we’re heading before we could put our bags in the trunk. Mar3oob was still there, infront of the line waving for taxis and asking us “entaw lail7een hnee?” The shock came when my friend and I were about to get in the taxi. The driver was asking other people in line if “anyone else was going to Mishref, or some area close to Mishref.” The car wasn’t a van or a big car, it was an old crown victoria. Why the hell was he asking other people to join in!? I, again, yelled, and refused to share the car with anyone else. But the taxi driver turned to me and with the nicest way possible he plead “Laish ya weldy.. khalna entarazag Allah… Afa 3alaik bs.. lik 3alay awa9elkom awal nas… afa 3alaik..etc.” I knew I couldn’t argue with the old driver, he was nice and looked too old to have me refuse his plea. I couldn’t help but shrug this whole situation off and surrender. I went to the car, got in, and waited next to my friend. A couple of seconds later the driver was helping another guy put his bags in the trunk.

10 minutes later we were home. 20 minutes later I was asleep. And then 2 hours later I was getting ready for work.


This entry was posted on Thursday, July 15th, 2010 at 12:14 pm

14 Responses to “My experience with Taxis in Kuwait Airport”

  1. I once had to take a taxi at Kuwait Airport, luckly i didnt face all of that, but what i have noticed that the driver was TOO old, am talking about 80s maybe!! and he was smoking all the way while he was driving! i was seriously worried about my life as he was driving 60 maybe but taking a left and a right whenever he wants !!!!!
    anyway, welcome back home 🙂

  2. s. says:

    LOL! i can’t go to work after a night like that!

  3. q80saracen says:

    Just for our education…how much did the ride cost?

  4. Yousef says:

    Moody Panties Our driver was too old to drive too.. i felt sad for him.

    q80saracen KD5. All of Kuwait’s areas were listed on a sticker on both rear windows. And most areas cost KD5, unless you were going to Alabdali or AlWafra and the likes.. I think it was KD17 for Alwafra and KD20 for Alabdali.

  5. fajorie says:

    ok the “felanges” part cracked me up ;p
    and trust me taxis in Kuwait are MUCH better than here in Cairo!! You could easily just kill your self waiting for someone! and when you finally get one, you will hate your life through the entire ride!! non-stop talking and complaining, they always take the long road to get more money. and if they knew you are khaleejie ( absher bel nheeba el 3ooda ) ….
    I guess taxis are the worst experience all over the world

  6. meh says:

    or you could have paid 2KD extra and took a KGL limo taxi that is available 24hrs a day.

    The title of the post should be:


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  8. Manayer says:

    7e6 nafsik eb mokani….a6er mn libnan 4 ilfayer+Sayeg is not an option l2na lazem ya5ith 5wani ilmidaris+7chart ilniyada o rubat ilzilfy ma tsma7 ini arkab taxi bl kuwait+3ndi midterm OB ilsa3a 8 mo mba6la ilkitab = arja3 ma3a rab3e mn ilm6ar direct iljam3a mako facha aro7 amti7in la dirasa wala 3mat 3ain o ayeeb daraja zift! Tabe 3adee 7tarait…la walla aham shay arja3 ilbait o a3i’6 ilm5ada for the next 20 hrs+

    On a side note…swait il german cake mal 5alti L 😀 3ajeeeeeeb m3ana ana etha d5alt ilma6bakh a7rga bs hal mara gat saleema;) kalait akil ilshar o l7ast il 9a7n ba3ad..keep in mind ana diet:D y36eeha alf 3afya

  9. Hamad says:

    yousef gitlikom tabon amorkom? 7alaftaw 3alaiy eni mayey kaifkom ;r

  10. q8travelbud says:

    Lool … funny story … I used the airport taxi twice bas makan fi za7ma … wonder when will we ever get a proper and organized taki company..

    ps. if you got a similar msg from me then delete one … am having connection problems..

  11. I take the limo taxi service on your right, on the side as you exit the airport. They are very professional and as a girl I feel safe. I use them a lot. When I fly Wataniya Airways ‘1st’ they have a car that picks you up and takes you home for free. They usually pick me up in sports car. The Egyptian driver doesn’t speak English but he always takes good care of me and I feel safe.

  12. Punky says:

    Haha , that was Hilarious !! Totally cracked me up ! Hope u guys have a better ‘trip ‘ home next time XD

  13. Q8Path says:

    LooooL… it’s really a bad day for you. So I shouldn’t try the taxis in Kuwait at all.
    Allah y3eenek, wa 7amadallah 3ala elsalama 🙂

  14. Intlxpatr says:

    LLOOLLLL! I had to take taxis all the time! Did you know there is (or there was) a limo section over to the right as you exit? Instead of going straight out, you take the hall to the right and there is a limo service, nice big cars, well maintained, for not much more than a normal taxi, plus you have a car immediately, no waiting, and it’s a clean ride.

    They always got me home so FAST. I didn’t feel unsafe . . . most of the time . . . but I was astonished at how fast they could get me home.