Open Flame Kitchen Restaurant

Lots of restaurants open in Kuwait by the day, some succeed and some fail, but every once in awhile a new restaurant emerge and manage to reset the standards. B+F Open Flame Kitchen is one of those spectacular restaurants. The ambience, the food, the service, the location.. are all top notch. Another great achievement by Slider Station & Burger Boutique’s owners. I think this one’s going to be huge!

I was invited to the soft opening along with my friends last week, we went there on time and got seated. First impression was ‘this looks great’, the grill in the middle of the place along with the grand pizza oven, also in the middle, were just awesome.

Open Flame Kitchen Restaurant

The restaurant is modern and cool. The seating areas are scattered all around the grill & and the big oven.

Open Flame Kitchen Restaurant

The oven reminded me of Margarita’s restaurant in Lebanon. When I brought that restaurant up, the waiter told me that they managed to snatch their pizza guy, and that he’s now working in their Saudi’s branch. Kudos! Very well played, since that pizza is one of the best I’ve ever tried.

Open Flame Kitchen Restaurant

Open Flame Kitchen Restaurant

The Bar.

Open Flame Kitchen Restaurant

The grill in the middle. All the chops and burgers were grilled there. I liked that you could watch them grill the veggies, chops, and burgers while you’re eating.

Open Flame Kitchen Restaurant

Open Flame Kitchen Restaurant

Open Flame Kitchen Restaurant

Open Flame Kitchen Restaurant

The seats as I said earlier are scattered all around the grill and the oven. They were comfortable.

Open Flame Kitchen Restaurant

Open Flame Kitchen Restaurant

Open Flame Kitchen Restaurant

Open Flame Kitchen Restaurant

Since it was a soft opening, we weren’t given the menu, but were served a special menu. I took a picture since they had all those long names for the dishes.

Open Flame Kitchen Restaurant

Asian Style SugarCane Shrimps. They were good. moist from the inside and crispy from the outside. I was the only one who liked this one.

Open Flame Kitchen Restaurant

Open Flame Kitchen Restaurant

Coca Cola Braised Short Ribs. One word. Amazing. If it weren’t for slider stations chicken wings, I wouldn’t named this the best appetizers in all of B+F restaurants. Tiny bite-sized short ribs, sweet and very tender.

Open Flame Kitchen Restaurant

Korean Style Wings. Ok. Now those wings need an immediate overhauling. The wing itself and it’s crispy batter are fantastic, but then you had to go and add that garlicky red sauce on top and ruined everything. The red sauce took over everything. Go easy on the garlic and it might be saved. Might.

HINT: Slider Station has the best chicken wings on earth.

Open Flame Kitchen Restaurant

I don’t know what this salad was called, but it tasted like a cole slow with something crispy and avocado. We all loved and fought over it.

Open Flame Kitchen Restaurant

The best pizza in Kuwait. Lovely crust, tangy sauce, and cheese that befits all the glory underneath. We ate 2 Pizzas and wouldn’t have mind a 3rd one.

Open Flame Kitchen Restaurant

You can see how thing the pizza is. Oh and it smelled amazing. We all thought that this was one of the best dishes of the night.

Open Flame Kitchen Restaurant

This was a small portioned fetuccini pasta in cream sauce and some beef  sliced. Simple and tasted amazing. The beef was slightly over salted, but overall it’s great. On my list when I go back again.

Open Flame Kitchen Restaurant

Quail Cigar. We thought at first that we were eating chicken (6ala3 farri). This dish doesn’t deserve to be on the menu. I mean not just because it tasted all over the place (6a3ma darabeel em7asheena deyay o nathreen 3alaih shakar o darseen), but because it was the weakest link.

Open Flame Kitchen Restaurant

Sliders. I thought they were good, my friend thought they were great.

Open Flame Kitchen Restaurant

Back Yard Burger. I didn’t expect to have this dish turn into a favorite. It doesn’t look spectacular, right? Even when we were taking the pictures, I wasn’t interested in this dish. But it turned out to be the menu’s highlight. The thing that made it so good was (ofcourse the meat’s quality) the way it was grilled. 6a3ma sheway san3. I was so mad at myself for having only a quarter of the burger.

Open Flame Kitchen Restaurant

Veal chop. Too dry/over cooked.

Open Flame Kitchen Restaurant

Date Cheesecake, with a knafa crust (shi3riya?). The desserts were very good.

Open Flame Kitchen Restaurant
I loved this one. Had zesty berries sauce that complimented the chocolate perfectly. I know my mother would love this one.

For people with working taste buds: If the restaurant manages to stay consistent and serves food like this every single time, it will end up being the best restaurant in Kuwait.

B+F Open Flame Kitchen is located in 360 mall near Caribou.


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23 Responses to “Review: B+F Open Flame Kitchen”

  1. Bu Yousef says:

    That pizza looks amazing! Do they deliver? 🙂
    Fantastic shots, Yousef. Love them all.

  2. Journal entries says:

    when it comes to restaurant’s reviews, i trust urs the most if not only urs!
    u stay true and i love that!

    for example ur review about melenzane was 100% spot on! mo the rest that made it sound like something out of this world (!)

    this place looks very good and the pizza looks qattalah ;p

  3. Hamad says:

    ta7asaft eni mare7t weyakom :/

  4. manayer says:


    calamari+chicken wings—>3thaab
    o crab with spegtetti-like pasta….YUMMMMYY
    chopped salad with feta cheesse:o:o
    o dessert fee chocolae balla HEAVENLY!!

    uff!! zain chithi yawa3tni 2 40 am!! wana warai meeting bacher ma3a modeeri il5ayis…ya3ni ma yamde 7ata akilee croissant asid yo3ee!! etha safal fenee bacher jidam 5lg allah bthbi7k

  5. manayer says:

    eee o ilpizza klait 4 pieces bro7ee!! 7atha ile ana asamee diet;)

  6. Ambrosial says:

    3laikum bl3afyah, I like ur food reviews, ga3da a7wl asha6b 3laihum, bs mani mla7ga mashallah lool ;p

  7. 7antoosh says:

    el pizza 3ajeeeba o na63a

  8. Bo9ale7 says:

    alby o ro7y qadbaneen 3alek le youm alqeyama ya yousef !!!

  9. bint aldeira says:

    can we go now, do they accept walk ins?

  10. wet knickers says:

    bil 3afia!!
    i love that the review is sooo honest!
    i wanna gooo!!!
    i’m hungry nowww ;p ;p

  11. Pisces Chick says:

    That’s beautiful and delicious! I’m literally drooling!
    Amazing photos .. What is your camera?!

  12. kalbonish says:

    miss u ;/

  13. wayeed el akeeel kaaan qaweeey !!! o el review naar !!

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  15. ban1 says:

    elma6a3m mat3oob 3aleeeh 9a7. waied 3ajabny kan shy 7’a6ier wallah kelshy lima tekala ten9adm min 6a3ma qawey.

  16. q8travelbud says:

    I loved the decorations …

  17. kamal hasan says:

    so nice! if i go in side i will feel iam in a different planet ! good luck!

  18. Nadia S says:

    Food wasn’t too good when we ate there a few days back. Hope things improve.

  19. Suha says:

    Amazing shots .. nice review
    thanks a lot
    can not wait to try it
    o 3leeekom bel3afya 🙂

  20. Buhnad says:

    anaaa belclass oo 7deee yo3an oo hal review yawa3ne zyada lol

    Yousef Reply:

    Ana bidawam o mayit yoo3 ba3ad :\