Not the normal cow milk this time they got the approval to ship camel’s milk to Europe.

“The UAE is intending to export camel milk to European markets next year, to be among the first suppliers of this product to the EU,” Abdullah Al Janan, executive director for Agricultural and Animal Affairs Department, Ministry of Environment and Water, told the Arabic daily Al Ittihad.”


Thanks Ahmad


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7 Responses to “UAE Got the Approval to Ship Milk to EU”

  1. wet knickers says:

    doo people drink camel milkkkk???
    is it niceee???

  2. Yousef says:

    I tried camel’s milk a couple of months back when we went to Alsomman. It tasted like regular milk.. which was weird given the fuzz that surrounds it and how different and sweet it was supposed to be.

  3. BuYousef says:

    Why a horrible yellow label?

  4. manayer says:

    walla europe have no idea how much they’re missing out without KDD chocolate milk!

  5. Hessa says:

    Now that’s awesome! #GOUAE.

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  7. Mishary says:

    Manayer, kelaaa ebsooob o chocolate milk mall KDD eb sooob!!