It seems that Vimto’s management here in Kuwait liked Apple’s latest policy with the iPhone that its not allowed to buy more than 2 iPhone/person .. Yes since we’re close to Ramadan they allow buying only two bottles per person of Vimto here in any Co-Op.


This entry was posted on Wednesday, July 28th, 2010 at 11:14 pm

11 Responses to “Vimto Loves Apple”

  1. Oleana says:

    They did this last year as well

  2. Ansam says:

    Its not the first time they do this 😉

  3. Scotch says:

    so then i guess apple loves vimto!

  4. sheikha says:

    They do not have such restrictions at Carrefour and Lulu center

  5. Bo9ale7 says:

    only in Co ops they do. bas any where else 3ady

  6. Ahmad says:

    the 2 iphone policy is applied in the states too.

    but the vimto thing is funny 😛

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  8. Marzouq says:

    loooool! I wonder if it will make people happy or pissed!

  9. saud says:

    This policy is not made by Vimto’s management in Kuwait as it will not be for their benefit. This policy is made by the co-ops to lure the customers to come back to their outlet throughout the month by selling the key products at a discounted price while limiting the supply

  10. q8travelbud says:

    loooool …. ashwa we stoped buying vimto years ago

  11. box says:

    Vimto tatse sucks since the start selling it diluted, its not like the original vimto.We stopped buying it since last year.