الخدمة المدنية: في حال كان رمضان 30 يوم

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According to Cinescape, it will be closed starting from today and resume its shows on the first day of Eid El Fitr.

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Apple set a special event for tomorrow Sep. the first, It’s set to start at 8:00 PM,Kuwait time, and expected to announce a new iPod touch with two cameras and update the iPad software to iOS 4. Just stay tuned for the latest updates.


As expected they’ve just announced:

  • New iPod shuffle.
  • New iPod Nano.
  • New iPod Touch.
  • Apple TV


ليلة 20 رمضان
عبدالله الهزيم ، ماجد العنزي

ليلة 21 رمضان
خالد الجهيم ، مشاري العفاسي

ليلة 22 رمضان
ماجد العنزي ، مشاري العفاسي

ليلة 23 رمضان
مشاري العفاسي ، فهد الكندري

ليلة 24 رمضان
مشاري العفاسي ، خالد السعيدي

ليلة 25 رمضان
فهد الكندري ، مشاري العفاسي

ليلة 26 رمضان
خالد الجهيم ، ماجد العنزي

ليلة 27 رمضان
خالد السعيدى ، مشاري العفاسي

ليلة 28 رمضان
قتيبة الزويد ، خالد الجهيم

ليلة 29 رمضان
مشاري العفاسي ، خالد السعيدي

ليلة 30 رمضان
مشاري العفاسي ، فهد الكندري

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A Tai Jutsu Kai self defense lesson where the instructor incorporate traditional clothes (3gal) into the lesson.

More videos by instructor Ahmad AlHouli:
Video #1
Video #2
Video #3
Video #4

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For those of you who’s diabetics or looking for a low calories chocolate after fotoor, Mr. Baker came up with a low calories chocolate which is made in Kuwait and supervised by Dr. Bader Naser-Allah.

It comes with three flavors, Light Milk chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Light crispy cream chocolate, I’ve tasted it and its tasty you can barely differentiate between the above one and any other good chocolate in the market.


At 360 mall for unknown reason.


This guy claims that he broke the record set by a woman using Samsung’s galaxy S just a few days ago when she typed the phrase below in less than 26 seconds. The new unofficial record was set using an iPhone in under 22 seconds.

The phrase is:

“the razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human”

I just tried and managed to write it in 51 seconds using an iPhone.

How fast can YOU type that?




Maryam Al Joan will be the first Kuwaiti woman to visit Antarctica. She will be representing the Kuwaiti science club on an expedition sponsored by Viva in february. She is currently studying at earth and space sciences in Bremen, Germany and she is expecting to graduate next year. We wish her the best of luck and for her to enjoy her learning experience and have a safe return home.

Maryam Al Joan’s Blog

Article in english

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They’ve just opened their branch in ground floor in Salhiya complex.

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The kids reaction is priceless! poor little girl!


Have you ever been stuck in a traffic jam in Kuwait? I’m sure most of you have, but how long were you stuck? whats your record? I think the longest I’ve been in a traffic jam in Kuwait was for an hour and a half. Now how about some perspective?

There is an ongoing traffic jam in China that started on August 14, 2010, and has lasted for 10 days and still counting. Some cars have been stuck in there for over 4 days. There is a wikipedia page about this!

From wikipedia:

The 2010 China National Highway 110 traffic jam

It’s a massive traffic jam that started on August 14, 2010, on China National Highway 110. The traffic jam slowed down thousands of vehicles for more than 100-kilometers and has lasted for ten days. Many drivers have only been able to move their car one kilometer per day, and some drivers have reported being stuck in the traffic jam for five days.


Traffic on the highway has grown 40 per cent every year in the last several years, making the highway chronically congested.
The cause of the traffic jam on the Beijing-Tibet expressway was reported to be due to a spike in traffic by heavy trucks heading to Beijing along with road maintenance work that began five days later. The road constructions that is said to contribute heavily to the traffic jam is said not to end until mid-September. Police have reported that minor breakdowns and accidents have compounded the problem.
An alternative explanation is that the restriction on illegal coal production has increased the demand for coal to be illegally produced in the providence of Inner Mongolia and shipped to Bejing because there are no coal checkpoints on the highway connecting this route. This, in turn, has created massive congestion.

Creation of mini economy

Because many drivers were stranded in their cars for days, locals near the highway have began to sell various goods, including water, instant noodles, and cigarettes, to the drivers stuck on the road at inflated prices.

Wikipedia, CBC, NYO

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Since we’re close to Eid alfeter inshallah we need to pay “Zakat alfeter” which you can pay it now online using your K-NET.

Moreover you can select other zakat type. Click HERE if you want to pay.

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See I’ve heard many good things about Capital District and their material and clothe lines and stuff, thats why I wrote about buying their Modern Naydiya. I liked the concept and thought the material would be decent for such a low price. I should’ve known better.

The Naydiya I got turned out nothing like what I had in mind. I don’t know why I thought it’d have a real naydiya base, and then some kind of a fabric for the upper red strips. Apparently I didn’t take a good look at the picture before buying it coz it turned out all rubber.. but hey I like rubber slippers, nothing wrong with rubber, except this one was way too cheap. The material was cheap with horrible finishing, and the red color on top was too pale, not to mention that it was uncomfortable. I don’t think I’ll ever wear this one.

Epic Fail.


I was craving steak for today’s suhoor so I went to sultan center and got me a nice juicy wagyu ribeye, expecially cut for me. I Seasoned it with salt and pepper only, and then grilled it myself to a perfect medium. Thick and juicy.. woah what a great meal that was!

The Hienz Twisted ketchup (Fiery Chilli) was a nice touch along with the dijon mustard, and ofcourse my favorite mayo of all the spicy mazola mayo with chili.




Just noticed that Areo now comes with new flavors the above one is the dark chocolate and the below is the white chocolate. They are available in most of the co-ops across Kuwait.

Dont know if this is an old flavor or not, it comes also in caramel.

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My friend just sent me this in an email. I loved the idea and got me one immediately! I just hope it’s comfortable. I let you guys know once I receive it.

Captial District

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Before you consider this Naydiya you should read this post.


It was in the early 90’s the first branch was opened in Moscow.


During Ramadan we have Ghabgas every week, and sometimes twice a week, people always struggle with the menu, deciding the dishes is always the hardest thing to do. I had in mind that once it’s our turn, I would scrap all the dessert dishes and only include one dish, the knafa from knafa 3albal. I mean bala elkharabee6 ely malaina minhom and get back to basics.. People love knafa, and when its served hot and fresh it basically rules.

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