It seems that UAE announced it officially that the BBM service will no more allowed and worked across the UAE from the coming Oct. more over KSA just also announced that from this Aug. the BBM service will be banned.



This entry was posted on Sunday, August 1st, 2010 at 11:09 pm

8 Responses to “No More BBM in GCC”

  1. Manayer says:

    Wih il fal 7g deeratna enshalla!! Chood nftak mn “3zezti o 3zezi” o mlaqat il yahal ile 3indhum blackberry o fashla ma tsawela accept man3an lile7rajat il3a2liya!! Kl sa3a m’3ayren ilstatus o il dp!! Wala 3ad il6aama il kubra…BROADCASTS…aaafaa q’6at 3ala ilmojtma3 o ilma9dar ilawal 7g ilisharat!

  2. brownsuger says:

    Any idea if it will be banned in Kuwait?

  3. Marzouq says:

    There is a little more to the story then just what they are saying!

  4. meh says:

    Or you could just cancel your subscription, why are you waiting for a ban?

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  6. Manayer says:

    Meh, i made sure my blackberry was broken to pieces 10 months ago when i saw 7 yr old boys abusing it in the avenues! I got my first phone in grade 11!!!!! And that wasnt a long time ago!! Why do kids have blackberries as toys! What happened to scooters, bikes, trampolins, gameboy, play station??!!
    I strongly support the decision because blackberries are being misused by SOME of us!! Some idiots enjoy spreading rumors, which circulate very very quickly in this kuwait! I recieved a broadcast do3a2 7g my supposedly ill grandma when she was sitting fine right in front of me

  7. The One And Only Skinny Freak says:

    If ur smart enough , you’ll know , there’s a little more story than what they’re saying , i hope its getting banned in kuwait !
    still dont get it ? go to marina or avenues , the hot spots filled with teens , you’ll know what i mean ……..

  8. meh says:

    Manayer, well the problem also is that it became so cheap and more kids and teens can now afford it . I got rid of mine as well. It was fun at first, but as soon as I started to get annoyed by the messages, I got rid of it at that very instant.