It was in the early 90’s the first branch was opened in Moscow.


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9 Responses to “The Line For The First McDonalds In Russia”

  1. meh says:

    Doesn’t beat Kuwait’s 2Km drive thru

  2. Frankom says:

    أحب هالمطعم
    بس مو معناته أني اصف بطابور مثل هذا
    كلها برغر ياجماعة

    Yousef Reply:

    I want the curry sauce! They should bring it over to kuwait. it’s not fair to miss out on such an amazing nugget sauce!

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  4. Hadeel says:

    hehehe Pinkberry queue mo6awwar 😛
    umbaiii baddi3aw

  5. Sinful eye's says:

    hmm ,, u want to see some Queue ? come to MC el 8o9or .. the one on the main road ,, at so7or time ( 12:30 – 2:00 ) and u well see some queue ,,
    yeah it’s nothing like the appove ,, but it’s some queue i say !

  6. blah says:

    weh weh weh appove 3ad?;p
    *cough* above *cough*

  7. Manayer says:

    meta yo9al dorhum?? 3ogub bacher!! 3ad aq9aah McDonald’s, ile yshofhum ygol 9afeen door 7g Cipriani

  8. Sinful eye's says:

    =X woow ,, did i write it like that :S !
    3adi 3adi … aham shay u got i what i wanted to say ! XD