Now this is funny! Carlsberg as a sponsor for Kuwait’s national youth team? The goal keeper should’ve known better than to wear a shirt with carlsberg logo on it, on an official game.

I heard they made quite a fuss about it on AlRai newspaper.


Alrai’s article. I feel sorry for the goalkeeper after reading the article.

Thanks Taymoor


This entry was posted on Tuesday, September 21st, 2010 at 12:18 pm

11 Responses to “Carlsberg Fiasco”

  1. Saud says:

    I feel sorry that we have to make a big deal out of this. retards make the majority opinion of this country.

  2. KaLeeDo says:

    Ana agool ilkateb Hussain Al Mutairi yin6am wayid a7san. Shda3wa fithee7a 3ala sader ilmuntakhab?!

    The goalkeeper is a kid and whether he knew or not is not a big deal. I swear these religious zealots are making Kuwait a horrible place to live.

    Live and let live ya jima3a

    Sidenote: Don’t they sell non alcholic Budweiser and Carlsberg in supermarkets? It doesn’t say 7.5% alcohol on the logo so whats the point of putting that up there to support the ‘fiasco’ article? Pathetic

  3. ZwaiZ says:

    Well for me it’s how could a full squad wear Nike except the goalie wearing adidas????

  4. Mhm says:

    The national team represents kuwait and wearing shirt showing carlsberg logo is just wrong!. Maybe the writer exaggerated, but at least he didn’t see something wrong and shut up about it.

  5. Ambrosial says:

    @ZwaiZ: 3aadi taqsemah ;p

  6. Tweego says:

    I would love to know how did he find out Carlsberg group political affiliations I have been googling this info for 15 min and couldn’t find anything.

    And frankly the team should have uniform that is mediatory. The goalie shouldn’t chose his shirt based on his preference in teams

  7. Hamad says:

    kaleeedo, your national team’s goalkeeper is wearing another team’s jersey and you’re outraged because they wrote about it? pathetic..

  8. a. says:

    KhaLeeDo ymkin inta ilmfroo’9 it-thamin kalamik. I agree with Hamad.

    Imagine seeing a manU player wearing another teams jersey. That would be a big f’9ee7a and so is this.

  9. KaLeeDo says:


    I’m outraged at the vitriol in the writers article and how much weight he put into for all we know was an innocent mistake. Writing a subdivision in the article describing the logo and its history was reaching in my opinion. But calling my opinion pathetic tells me more about your level of reading comprehension and your respect for other peoples opinion.


    I respect your opinion and see your point, I realise the mistake was regretable but the writers overreaction is what disturbed me more than anything. I hope that came through.

  10. Yousef says:

    KaleeDo You chose the word pathetic to describe the writer’s opinion, why would you expect people to treat your opinion any better when they disagree with you?

    And I don’t think we should brush this off as an innocent mistake. In my opinion the extents of tassayub we’re dealing with have reached a critical level. I mean people are actually getting indifferent now about these kinds of things, as proven by some people’s reaction to this, supposedly, innocent mistake. This is wrong and should be dealt with accordingly, be it an innocent mistake by the goalkeeper, or the supervisors. I think it’s ridiculous.

  11. Taymoor says:

    Kaleedo: Maybe you should contact the writer about the article. As for the shirt, when 10 players are wearing Nike and 1 is weaing addidas there is a retard indeed. Carlsberg is not the sponsor of the Kuwait National team let alone that its an alcoholic beverage and im pretty sure he didnt mean the non-alcoholic one.