Preacher Terry Jones who vowed to burn 200 copies of the Quran on 9/11’s 9th anniversary, had been given a bill of $100,000 to cover the cost of police security forces.

He called off the Quran burning just 2 days before the scheduled day, but that didn’t stop the enraged people from all over the world to protest and threaten his safety. The police and SWAT teams were used to protect him and his church in texas Florida. That kind of protection didn’t come for free.

The security bill could end up bankrupting Terry Jones and his church.




This entry was posted on Monday, September 20th, 2010 at 2:46 pm

12 Responses to “Karma Swirls Around Preacher Terry Jones”

  1. N says:

    just want to say one thing……..


  2. Ambrosial says:

    We were raised on respecting all religions, why can’t he do the same?! This just saddens me! He gained nothing but lame public appearance. Bl3anah tl3naah..

  3. angel says:

    He has his church up for sale for like 2 million , I hope they put a court action against it quick.

  4. Rania says:

    but the church is not texas ?

  5. Sahar says:

    All I can do is smile 🙂

  6. Chirp says:

    The Church is not in Texas, its in Florida.

  7. a la Mocha says:

    Yistahal this n more. Stupid man.

  8. KaLeeDo says:

    Kabtin the church is in Gainesville Florida FYI

  9. Yousef says:

    Edited. I’m not sure why I thought it was in Texas. Thanks!

  10. I really doubt that he will be the one paying it!

  11. enigma says:

    gal3ita… sheno he thinks that the government will pay for his stupidity and disrespect?