I won a free line from Zain recently I wanted to it to be a Microsim, but today I recieved the Simcard but it wasn’t a microsim card and they’ve attached a letter (The one Above) telling me they are out of stock and that I can bring the current the one they sent at any time with the letter to replace it for free.

There must be a lot of iPhone 4s being used in Kuwait.. The last I checked there was over 700 units imported, I bet that number has quadrupled by now.


This entry was posted on Wednesday, September 8th, 2010 at 8:35 am

One Response to “Microsims Shortage?”

  1. As soon as the Mirco SIM “WAS” available in ZAIN branches!!

    Well, for an official communication the least they could have done was have someone proofread it.