The Mutubtub campaign team for child obesity have sent us the following to share it with you guys: 

Obesity has ranked Kuwait on the charts among the top ten most obese countries in the world. To fight this, Mutubtub the national child obesity campaign is going to be launching soon and you should take part in it. 40 percent of Kuwaiti children and 74.2 percent of the whole population are diagnosed with obesity. Let’s help before it’s too late.

Mutubtub is currently recruiting MUTUBTUB MINIONS (volunteers). If you have the time, dedication, and passion, we’ll be glad to have you on the team.

Mutubtub Minions will be divided into five gangs:

  • Hunters (contributor relations)
  • 247s (marketing specialists)
  • Double Ts (media correspondents)
  • Fitness Freaks (nutritionists/dietitians)
  • Commandos (Action-makers)

Send them an email at contact@mutubtub.com with your contact information if you’re interested.

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Thanks Maryam


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  2. Q80saracen says:

    Hehehe…love the title of the campaign and the names of the jobs. Good luck…hope your message gets out there 😉