Pizzetta is owned by the same chef who owns both Prime & Toast, and Bistro 86. That intro, or background info in my case, was enough to lure me in and have me head over heals for the place.

We arrived at 9pm and we were only 2, but we knew we’ve got to order more than enough food so that we could really judge the food and taste everything, and also coz we heard the portions are little in this place.

We ordered:


  • Deep fried, Mushroom & cheese stuffed Ravioli.
  • Pizzetta (smaller version of a pizza): Buffalo Mozzarella, with Basil paste, sun dried tomatoes and grilled asparagus.
  • Mini Beef Lasagna Pot.
  • Pizza Margarita (half margarita, half mushroom).

Main Dish:

  • Mushroom Ravioli.
  • Veal stuffed Ravioli (I ordered the pan seared lamb chops first, but I had to choose something else coz they were out of chops).

Now let me get down to business and talk about the food.

The starters, we got our deep fried ravioli first, it was delicious. The stuffing tasted really good, it was stuffed with mushrooms, ricotta cheese and Philadelphia cheese. Creamy, cheesy, mushroomy, what not to love? One issue though, I had to cut off the empty edges off. There was just too much of an empty space in that ravioli.

Then we somehow got our main dish. Whoops. 3 other starters arrived AFTER the main dish. We got many apologies, but that didn’t make it up. Off to a bad start. But for the sake of this review I’m gonna go by the order I had in mind.

The Pizzetta tasted like something I came up with in the chalet with not enough ingredients. It was amateurish at best. Nothing was special about it except for the crust. I loved the crust. Oh and we had to correct the seasoning ourselves (ma9kha) we had to use the salt shaker a lot.

The Mini Beef Lasagna Pot. Cute. Loved the presentation, and had big hopes. But that changed with the first bite. The lasagna could’ve tasted great, I mean it had great potential just by how it smelled, but they had to mess it up by adding some herb that ruined the meat tomato sauce at the bottom! I don’t know what it was, but it tasted like burned cardamom, I’m not sure if that was it, but that’s what I got.

Pizza Margarita. Just like the Pizzetta, the tomato sauce was a huge turnoff. I mean I asked my friend when we tasted their margarita about the sauce and what was wrong about it, and he said “Nothing’s wrong with it, except we could’ve made a much better sauce at home.” And that was it. Nothing’s wrong about it, it’s just not good enough.

The Mushroom Ravioli was the exact same ravioli we had as an appetizer, but it was boiled and served with cream and basil instead. It tasted so so.

The Veal stuffed Ravioli with mushroom juice was nice, not great, it fell apart every time I tried to pick it up with the fork.

As you can see, it was a big disappointment. I mean, just next door is Prime & Toast; one of the best spaghetti Bolognese pastas is served there. Right next door! Pizzetta is owned by the same chef as Bistro 86! One of the best emerging restaurants of last year! There was no excuse why our experience at Pizzetta was such an awful one.

The food just isn’t good enough.

Pictures taken from Tid Bit Du Jour


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7 Responses to “Review: Pizzetta Restaurant”

  1. Chirp says:

    9ij la galaw el naas athwaaq :p

    I agree with you 3ala the deep fried ravioli, too much empty space with no good taste, bas I loved the small pizzetta (Buffalo Mozzarella, with Basil paste, sun dried tomatoes and grilled asparagus).

    Try their salad, im not sure of the name exactly bas it has buffallo mozzarella and guacamole. I loved it.

    Bil 3afya 🙂

  2. enigma says:

    Pizzeta was bad… I didn’t like it one bit. their ravioli wasn’t cooked well, and their pizza was mediocre. Now what I expected at all. I honestly wouldn’t go back there again.

  3. ban1 says:

    eeeeh i was tried , lima 6al3t galt mara7 aredlah mara thanya

  4. Jojo says:

    you write the best reviews and they are always on point. keep it up.

  5. Summer says:

    i should try it!!

  6. Hadeel says:

    I liked it 😉