Funny thing I heard the last week of Ramadan, a phrase that kept me going for quite a while.

Eeh. Mokh 7areem.

I hate hearing this phrase; it doesn’t sit well with me, not just coz it is sexist, but coz it is simply untrue. I’ve been lucky to have been surrounded moslty with wise & intelligent women my whole life, so I can’t relate to that phrase and it just annoys me.

But you know what? This little phrase, after sinking in, it kind of unfolded into something revealing of that person’s backgrounds. I mean an idea has to be influence by something to form. So if you say that women are stupid, out loud, you’re basically telling us that you haven’t been as fortunate as the rest of us, you’re saying that the women in your home and your family are stupid women..

That is where the little sexist and conceited ideas stems from. Home.


This entry was posted on Sunday, September 19th, 2010 at 12:06 pm

11 Responses to “STTA: Mokh 7areem”

  1. Hamad says:

    mokh el7areem in general feh 3ella magalaw baitkom feh 3ella! fa this phrase is totally true.

  2. Yousef says:

    kharboo6a.. ye3temed 3ala elshakh9.. ana ely ga3ed ashofa elreyayeel mkhookh’hom khaysa bilmoqarana.. halma3nata mokh elreyayeel feeh 3illa?

    ye3temed 3ala lashkal ely tekhtele6 ma3aha..

  3. Thank you for standing up for women :*

  4. Om FasoOoL says:

    sa7 elsanik 🙂
    Yousef kel 7ab ye6la3 3ala bathra … etha el parents fahamiyat hom 3ala gadhom fe el reyayeel wel 7areem beseer 3indohom nafs el mokh

  5. wa7da says:

    Thanks for standing up for us but maybe this guy meant it in a “ah women!” kind of way. You know the Venus vs Mars thing, not the derogatory way but just ‘they think differently and I don’t get them’ kind of way? Usually guys who DON’T think that way are either married or have sisters (a female presence around them) so not necessarily his female relatives are stupid.

  6. Miss one says:

    9a7 elsanik & thank you

    Thanks god fee Kuwaiti guys think like you 🙂

  7. J says:

    see those Men who have this idea they are in fact like to think they are smarter than Women
    so Smart Woman give that feeling to the Man to let he celebrate his glory while actually he is doing all what she wants

  8. It’s not necessary mean woman are stupid, no mokh 7reem means the wearied way of woman thinking ..

    they say ” woman naqesat 3aqel w dean” and this is just a confirmation that woman think differently from men, but it doesn’t apply that they are stupid.

    and sometimes it really surprise you how woman thinks.

  9. Kotakoa says:

    Women are smarter than men … statistically proven

    Women have generally higher IQ’s … Also statistically proven

    But marry one and you’ll get “mokh 7arem”, I guess ur not married yet.