Just got out of surgery.


This entry was posted on Thursday, September 30th, 2010 at 8:29 am

27 Responses to “That’s why I couldn’t post”

  1. Yousef says:

    Matshoof shar Ajer o 3afya inshallah :)


  2. Salamat and welcome back :) hey! you shouldnt be wearing your watch!


  3. ما تشوف شر
    اجر وعافيه ان شاء الله


  4. A.R.I. says:

    Salaamaaat o ma Tshoof shar


  5. Chirp says:

    Salamaat! Matshoof shar!!


  6. Bo9ale7 says:

    salamat o matshof shar inshalla


  7. swera says:

    aaaaawwwww :/

    salamaat matshof shar nshallah!


  8. Falantan says:

    ma etchoof shaaar o shed 7ailik <<>>


  9. Nashmiah says:

    ma teshoof shar :)


  10. loco says:

    Ma tshooof shar enshalla salamtek ajeer wa3afya!


  11. Hadeel says:

    3asaah ajir oo 3aafya inshallah. Ma tshoof shar :)


  12. Ambrosial says:

    Salamat, ajr o 3afyah inshallah :)


  13. Hana says:

    Weeh ma tshof shar!! o ajer o 3afya nshalla :)


  14. SiLeNTGRL says:

    Salamat ma tshoof shar,,, ajer oo 3afya


  15. mimi says:

    salamatt , ajer w 3afya inshallah


  16. Amani says:

    سلامات وعساها اخر الامك واوجاعك


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  18. Mishary says:

    Thanks alot guys!


  19. lameta says:

    al7amdellah 3ala slamtk
    o ma tshof shar ya rab :)


  20. Mishary says:

    Lameta, elshar mayeech thanks


  21. Fawaz says:

    SalamaaT mishary… matshoof sharr!


  22. latifa says:

    7emdella 3alsalama, sheno kan feek?


  23. bananaQ8 says:

    Salamat ma tshoof shar inshalla


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