I feel like I was left outta the loop. This Caramel Log thing is, apparently, a favortie among Kuwaitis (?) How come I didn’t hear about it until like 5 minutes ago? It looks old, tastes old, and has a nice after taste. It crunches like a lion bar and tastes like Bounty.

My collegue says it is best when accompanied with Sunkist.. huh.. gotta try that now.


This entry was posted on Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 at 1:22 pm

16 Responses to “Tunnock’s Caramel Log”

  1. a la Mocha says:

    “It crunches like a lion bar and tastes like Bounty.” Hehe, i like that description.

    I remember always seeing it at the baqala when i was younger and bl jam3iya. I think i tried it once. Not something wow. What I remember about it is the texture of the wrapper. It’s kinda odd.

    Nothing beats a good Kit-Kat and Galaxy Hazelnut.

  2. Nasser says:

    Your friend is absolutely right… Sunkist + Caramel log

  3. 1st-Time says:

    Wala ‘3reba enik twik tsma3 3ana, shaklik 3yal bs khabra bl kakaw elswissry 🙂

  4. Yaso says:

    How come u didn’t know it?!
    It’s really old, but I prefer kit-kat!!

  5. SiLeNTGRL says:

    athker lma kena yahaaaaaaaaaaaal hathaaaaa kan a5er kakaw naklaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa looooool 3ashan 6a3ma mafeeh chocolate
    al7eeeeeeeen lmaa ashoofa bel jam3yaa lazm lazm ashtreeeeeeeeh madriii a7ssa min reee7aat qabel ayaaaaaam TV yeba6l sa3a 4 oo nan6er mosalsal kartoni bo6l krash wala likecola tathkrona lazm yekon mertaz m3 bo6a6 kakaw 😀 wallah ayam

  6. Summer says:

    its one of my favorites!!


  7. دلال says:

    I miss lion bar

  8. J says:

    the funniest post ever
    especially this part ” it is best when accompanied with Sunkist” … LOOOL 😀

  9. Its an old one, my mum grew up when it was a hit along with kitkat silver bars, she still buys it and thinks its the best one out there! i cant blame her, a person gotta stick to somethin from their past 🙂

  10. ban1 says:

    ta9adege yousef m athkier eny jarabtah!!!!
    bs i should try it soon

  11. Yousef says:

    a la Mocha yeah the wrapper is indeed odd and cheap but its very distinctive! and I agree nothing beats a Kitkat.. well maybe a lion bar and an aero does sometimes imo..

    Nasser I have to try that one day 🙂

    1st-Time ee wallah masima3t 3anna mingabil.. ana 3a6oony aero o kitkat o lion bar.. lol @ kakaw swissry 😛

    Yaso i’m surprised myself!

    SiLeNTGRL hehehe memories!

    Summer reall? the coconut is a turn off for me 3ayal 🙂

    دلال ana tawny ams makil wa7id 🙂

    J hehe 😛

    Moody Panties Agreed! I love old stuff!

    ban1 etha et7ib elnareel bit7iba

  12. 123 says:

    Iv seen it but never tried it, but now im tempted.

  13. Kulsum says:

    dis is sooooooo old and its like like how sunkit is to a Kuwaiti. I have not had it in years and I never really liked it too much but my cousins would kill for this. LiterallY!

  14. Hadeel says:

    Oh?? First timer?? hehehe shloon chithee??
    Go for Bufak Boland and Sunkist then conclude your snack with this amazing caramel LOG!!

  15. AndyQ8 says:

    Like many Kuwaiti favourites, it’s an old British company that started importing to the Gulf back in when Kuwait was still a British protectorate.

    Likewise Vimto, which was invented in Manchester over 100 years ago, but was brouht to Saudi Arabia by Indian workers in the 1920s.

  16. Mubarak says:

    I just discovered that if you have the English Breakfast Tea from Starbucks and you add a few pumps of Irish Cream it’ll taste like Tunnock’s Caramel Log.