UEFA banned the vuvuzela from all stadiums hosting UEFA matches. Reason being, aside from the annoying noise it creates, is that the vuvuzela is deeply associated with the South African’s football culture and it’s association with the last world cup would make it’s appearance in europe ‘inappriopriate’.

Great decision. I mean having to sit through game after game with friends is torture, but having to sit through that horrid noise throughout every match is a tad too much.



This entry was posted on Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 at 12:30 pm

4 Responses to “Vuvuzela Banned by UEFA”

  1. Basees says:

    The decision to ban this horrible joy spoiler should be extended to ALL matches, without exception.

    But a good start from UEFA.

  2. babbleq8 says:

    Thank god!!
    I watched the first two matches of the world cup then watched the rest with my TV on MUTE..
    those things went right through me!

  3. Red Queen says:

    Hopefully FIFA will follow suit.. though the damage to my sanity and eardrums has already been done