I have 2 games that are totally addictive, I mean seriously, I’m rediculously addicted to those 2 games that I couldn’t help but promote to every friend with an iPhone or iPad. I’m recommending them to you now.

Bees VS Ants

You’re a swarm of bees, you have your castles, but you’re greedy and evil, you’re an evil bee (it’s cute already), so you need to invade the ants territories and take over their castles. Everything happens real fast, it’s kill or get killed. You’ll love it.

Crystal War

This one reminds me of old AMEGA games, it’s 2D and it’s a war game. Your commander is on the far left, sending your troops over to theirs, to kill their way till you reach their commander and take him down. It’s simple. Low on graphics but addictive. I’m taking a break from this one coz I think I overplayed it a bit.

These 2 are addictive so be warned. While we’re on the subject. I’m almost done with those 2.. Do you have any really good iPhone games?


This entry was posted on Tuesday, October 5th, 2010 at 1:20 pm

11 Responses to “Addictive iPhone Games”

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  2. albaqsami says:

    Utleast you’ve changed a bit from Angry Bird ;p. I haven’t played any addictive Iphone Games for a while hmm, they seem good.
    Downloading; p

    I remember challenging every one: (Friends, work, family) in ”Fruit Ninja” and as usual. I made them all retire after being shocked of my score which was above 1000; p

  3. Nawnaw says:

    Plants vs zobmies is really good game ,

  4. Mishary says:

    Jarabt Bees Vs Ants 3ajeeeeeba!!!!!!

  5. Summer says:

    you should download ibasket!! its amazingly addictive!!


  6. Chrome says:

    jarib RISK! naar walla.. o u can play over bluetooth with other iphones

  7. A says:

    Plants vs Zombies !!!!!

  8. Nawnaw says:

    I didn’t like bee vs ants , it’s made me mad

  9. Mishary says:

    Yousef tara le3betek etnarfez!!

  10. Nawnaw says:

    7adha tnarfez ,,, to the point i had to delet it

  11. Yousef says:

    hehe I love it coz it’s so fast paced! ya3ny 7ail 7ail ehjim gabil layahjemon o yami3 ebhal na7al eb kil base. I love it! bs 7asafa.. khala9t’ha awal ams bilail 🙁 now I’m looking for something new. I just started Plants V Zombies, I’m finding it a bit slow.. but we’ll see how it goes.. yemkin astanis 3alaiha 🙂

    bs jad le3baw bees vs ants.. its GOOOOOOD!