I don’t appreciate drivers like the one pictured above. They’re careless and tasteless. Look at how she was blocking us when she could’ve easliy moved over a little. Notice the space in front of her? yet she refused to budge when I honked. I mean come on pick a lane lady!

You know what she did? She drove her car over the two lanes till we reached the intersection, thats when she moved to the right and continued ahead.

Annoying careless drivers are a hazard to my mood every morning.


This entry was posted on Wednesday, October 13th, 2010 at 5:53 pm

5 Responses to “Annoying Careless Drivers”

  1. J says:

    ودي افهم ليش النحاسة زايده لا ومن الصبح بعد
    الناس تقول يالله صباح خير
    و هذول قايمين من الصبح بشرهم اعوذ بالله

  2. Jonyboy says:

    Wat a coincidence….???

    I too, experienced a similar driver….(not a female…but a male)….on Ghazali, the other day.

    The gap (between cars) is more like an open (free) invite, for other drivers….from the second lane to butt-in…thus, pushing the drivers, on the fast lane…..further behind.

    My simple solution.

    Nope, I dont fancy driving on the emergency lanes, mainly for 2 reasons….firstly…I dont want my car’s suspensions, to get screwed up….secondly….I dont want to be caught n fined, by the cops.

    Wat I do….is tat I look over to the left n see if any…emergency lane drivers, are zooming up or not….and…if none are pictured on my side-view mirror….I pull over to the E-lane ….over-take the slower car….and butt-in…in front of him/her.

    Voila….problem solved…..No Problemo. 😉

  3. In your case, i think that lady had NO CLUE why you honked, and didnt know that she was actually not in the right lane, and thats because shes a stupid driver obviously!! stupid people like that needs some attitude, what i do, is that i honk, if i get no response, i honk again and wait for the line behind me to get longer, and start honking more, then everyone behind me would do the same, that will most probably freak them out and move while they can! you have no idea how much it gets on my nerves!

  4. Seham.S says:

    I totally agree .I hate it when drivers don`t follow the law 🙁

    i face this situation daily.