Remember this? Its the limited edition 1KD that was issued for the second anniversary of Kuwait’s liberation on 1993. Its almost 20 years for this 1KD. It was a gift from my grand mother (RIP). For more pictures click below.


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10 Responses to “Anyone Remember This?”

  1. سالم ولد بوسالم says:

    أي عندياها بس محطوطه بالكنقيه
    ولجيل الماك جيكين احب اقولهم انه الكنقيه عباره عن مخبأ صغير يكون فوق الحمام
    يصلح لتكديس الاغراض وفي الغزو الغاشم كان المكان المثالي للاختباء
    ها فهمتوا ولا لأ

  2. I think they should change it to this ! it looks very neat !

  3. Mishary says:

    brownsuger, No you cant.

  4. Aziz says:

    عندي نفس النوط واحلى شي ان كاتبين عليه اسم الدول اللي ساعدت الكويت بالغزو

  5. Um s3ood says:

    Wow ma athker hal shy! Ymk knt 9ghiraa bs 7dhaa 3jeba !! Do u sell it!!

  6. Mishary says:

    Um s3ood, La thekraa 7araam 🙂

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  8. nemo says:

    i have one 🙂
    i took it from my parents

  9. 123 says:

    Why dont i remember this!