I’ve been inspired by Mishary’s posts about mobile’s best prices. I’ve done some research and this is what I’ve got for Kuwait. The newest iPod touch prices are as listed below:

So far, in Kuwait, the best deal would be found at We-Sell-Them.com Kuwaiti online store. They have the best prices and Free Same-day delivery.

If you know of any better deal in Kuwiat, let us know.

Note: I couldn’t get any info from Eureka coz their employee seemed to have no clue whatsoever. And Digits are expecting them within 2 weeks.



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11 Responses to “Best iPod Touch Prices in Kuwait”

  1. Jacqui says:

    I have the best prices for the new iPod Touches from Mobile 2000 it was available in their Thursday issue of Watan Newspaper but what I know of since I memorized them by heart is that they are offerring the following prices:

    8GB – 60KD
    32GB – 95 KD
    64GB – 125KD

    And they deliver it right to your house all you have to do is call them.

    marwah Reply:

    can i have their number please???

  2. Summer says:

    thanks for the info!!

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  4. QWERTY says:

    Advantec in Mansouria sells the 8GB for 96KD. Check their fb page

  5. Babbleq8 says:

    Icity is probably the best place to buy it as the guarantee probably lasts longest…2 yrs?

  6. Yousef says:

    Jacqui, I just called mobile 2000 and they say they have only the 8GB for KD92, but they havent’ received the 32gb and 64gb yet. I asked them about the prices you provided and they were for the old models 🙂

    QWERTY, it’s it’s KD86 in Electrozan.

    Babbleq8, I think Electozan have a warranty too.

  7. flan says:

    pay less kuwait( facebook group ) 105 for 32gb

  8. prithiv says:

    thanks for the infirmation buddy

  9. Nael Nabaa says:

    Pay Less Kuwait facebook group we have the cheapest prices in kuwait we sell our products cache on delivery no preorders our goods are available delivered in one hour from order free of charge.

  10. Nael Nabaa says:

    Sorry i meant cash on delivery