My family have announced that they’re boycotting each and every overpriced piece of vegetable on the market. That announcement was made by my Father yesterday, and therefor we’re now officially a part of the “خلوها تخيس” (let it rot) campaign.


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  2. Good luck with constipation! :p

  3. 22 says:

    3afyaa wallah….shaja3toony am in!..ethba7ona eb hal as3ar..allah yhadeeeeeehum

  4. Ambrosial says:

    Lool huh 3azamtaw?! Good thing I only like roma tomato, cherry and sundried ;p

  5. 123 says:

    Etha entaw ely 3endekom floos chithi tgooloon 3ayal el faqara shigooloon? walla ma 3endkom salfa, ely ygool el7een ma 3indkom cham dinar! tfashloon

    Yousef Reply:

    ee a7na wayid enfshil a9lan.. kilwa7id yeshtery tathakra min expedia.com efashil. o kilwa7id yestefeed min discount efashil.. o kilwa7id mothaqqaf we3arf mita to have a stand against ely yeste’3eloon lawadim bas3ar elkhethra… EFASHIL..

    la2ana 7alata elwa7id ekoon ‘3aby. yeshtery ib ay si3ir.. mithil ba3th enas. el7emdillah wishikir.

  6. Ambrosial says:

    Well said Yousef! *applauding*

  7. nawaf says:

    its not about rich or poor, its about whether or not you agree to be fooled by others for something that is over priced and over rated! 6umaa6 ams mithl 6umaa6 ilyom mithil 6umaa6 bacher, they never changed the quality of it so why should we pay more! ynhboon floosna 3aini 3ainik! strike w b2s ilma9eer

  8. Hamad says:

    sij? ya3ni daqoosna makan feh 6oma6 ?

    123: adri feek etshib cigarik eb noo6 bo 20..

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  10. Intlxpatr says:

    Isn’t it almost tomato planting season in Kuwait? 🙂 There are so many wonderful tomatoes in the world, and growing them is gratifying.