Dear readers,

We’d like to thank you for making last month the biggest month in terms of visits and hits for us. Thank you guys.

We also have a big announcement to share with you fine people. We decided after much thought, to stop blogging.


Well. Having to post everyday was stressful. It was taking a lot of our time, and at times we felt like we needed a time off. Actually we felt that we needed a time off every single day. That wasn’t the spirit we started with. It was something we wanted to do, not something we had to do. Blogging shouldn’t be like that, not if we were willing to maintain a certain standard or have lives, anyway.

We’ve been thinking about it for some time now, at first it was like ‘let’s stop and delete the blog’. But, after thinking of all the material we’ve written, all the good pictures and the reviews, and our love for writing. We’ve decided to keep the blog. We won’t post, as often, we’ll post whenever we feel like it. Be it daily, weekly, or even monthly. We don’t know yet how will it goes. All we know is that we no longer want to be a commercial blog that has to write posts. We’ll stop this form of blogging. And get back to having fun with it.

We’d like to thank you our dear dear readers. Thank you for all the support and the love you’ve shown over the years, your input, comments and encouragement were all an integral part of what this blog is about. You too silent readers, we appreciate every single one of you.

We’d also like to thank our sponsors over the years, thank you all, especially Zain, our first sponsor, thanks for believing in us, and we’re sorry to let you guys know about our decision like this. But we think highly of our readers, and we wanted to let them know first. Even our families don’t know yet. The ads will be taken down tomorrow and no more ad spaces will be made available.

We’re really proud of SOMEcontrast and ourselves. Staying true to ourselves, writing honest reviews, not deleting a single negative comment, buying and learning how to use pro cameras and learning to use Photoshop, literally spending hours on a single post… all that and more. We’re really proud of this effort. We hope you enjoyed it and found what we had to say over the last 3 years helpful, entertaining and worth your visits.

Today marks SOMEcontrast’s 3rd anniversary. Happy anniversary blog!


This entry was posted on Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 at 11:59 pm

134 Responses to “Dear Readers”

  1. God bliss you guys … we will miss your daily follow up.

    Yousef Reply:

    Thank you

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  2. Frankom says:

    Guys !
    Not yet another joke please

    عندكم أشياء وايد تكتبون عنها مو معناته ان في شي انتو ماتبونه خلاص تسكرون وتشيلون أغراضكم مو قبول

    سنعوا وزارتكم أنا أقول ماكو اغلاق لا أييكم الدوام وأتبلى عليكم واحد واحد

    آل اغلاق آل

    سحقا لكم
    ناموا عدل ولاتتعشون متأخر


    Yousef Reply:

    hehe frankom elbaraka feek o belshabab.. a7la bloggat 3indina bilkuwait 🙂 ama wizaratna fa kha9kha9naaha o ga3adna 🙂

  3. s. says:

    if this is a joke, then “qadeemaaaaaaa”

    if not, then what to say? this blog is not an “obligation”. You can post whenever you feel like it, it is not a job. Mo lazim kil yom qasub takteboon 1500 post so that people are happy. Do it for yourself.

    Yousef Reply:

    we don’t joke about something like this. we’ve finally taken this step and we’re stopping what felt like a self imposed job. we’re going to have fun with it.. whenever we’re in the mood 🙂

    s. Reply:

    zainnnn etsawoon!! your blog was amazing when it started, because you posted what you were genuinly interested in, rather than conforming to what people want to read.. Then it sort of became commercial, and kinda like most other blogs.

    So I totally support this move!

  4. NJ says:

    I hope this isnt a joke like blushberry just did! Haha but we understand and support you all the way whether you want to continue and stop blogging. Ofcourse it is time consuming and we really appreciate all the time you put into posting interesting stuff for us everyday!!

    All the best 😀

    Yousef Reply:

    thank you! no we’re not seeking that kind of attention lol we don’t do that 🙂 thanks for the nice comment and support!

  5. Bibi says:

    I have always been a silent reader….wallaaaaaaah gonna miss ur posts so much..Allah ywafegkum fely u chose…creative pol indeed..am sad

    Yousef Reply:

    mashkoora Bibi, we’re sorry that you’re sad. We are sad too actually. it’s been a great experience and we loved it. mashkoora 3alkalam elzain o Allah ywafeg eljemee3 inshallah 🙂

  6. Bibi says:


  7. 3$ says:

    Noo waaaaay..u guys, thank u for amazing three years

    Yousef Reply:

    we loved sharing it with you all! 🙂

  8. Bo Bader says:

    MY GOD NOOOOOO!!!!!!

    ok after I got this done with, I wannna say that I followed your blog along time ago. checked it daily no matter what and liked all of it. I thought of you guys not just as a blog but a way to get a fresh perspective and a way to know whats happening bildeera 🙂 for I am studying outside of kuwait – anyway wanna say hey, it’s been helluva fun and a good ride. hope u can still go back on ur decision or at least keep the blog live. thank you my friends… thank you.

    Yousef Reply:

    lol Bo Bader thank you for the nice words, it means a lot. we’re glad that you enjoyed the blog, and we will not just let it die because we decided to take it easy. We’ll keep posting, but whenever the mood and time is right. Thank you Bo Bader o Allah ywafgik eb derastik 🙂

  9. ngree says:

    Congratulations some contrast on this decision as I strongly support it. I don’t think that blogging in any term should be a hectic job. On the contrary, it should be fun, writing what ever comes in your mind, in any form you wish and above all it shouldn’t be commercially oriented. Otherwise your blog will be like a giant billboard.
    I also want to say that we at yam3a.com strongly support you 100%. I need any help just lets us know. All the best for you.

    Yousef Reply:

    Thank you ngree for the support 🙂 I’ll make sure to visit yam3a.com.. interesting domain name btw!

  10. iLSuL6ana says:

    Wallah lama garat your post 7asat feekom :/ I used to love blogging bs al7en 9ar bil nesba ley like a job, the fun went out of it !

    Ya3ni wallah malomkon 3ala hal qarar! Allah ewafgkom jame3an, testahlon kil 5air 🙂

    Yousef Reply:

    maga9artay yalsul6ana testahlain el6eeb 🙂 Allah ywafeg eljemee3 welbaraka feech o felshabab 🙂

  11. bint aldeira says:

    i doooooooooon’t believe it. 3asa ma shar?

    Yousef Reply:

    Mashar wallah 🙂 bs we’ll take it easy from now on. we won’t post because we have to anymore. naby terja3 esalfa wanasa moo qatha. so whenever we have something to write, even silly stuff, we’ll take our sweet time to write it. without any stress or pressure to post as much as possible.

    thanks for being such a great reader of this blog! 🙂

  12. instantcravings says:

    All the very best in whatever you decide to do with your new found free time !

    Yousef Reply:

    thank you 🙂

  13. Mishary says:

    Thanks all for your comments , guys just want to mention that we will not stop blogging but we will stop the type of daily posting ya3ni we will take it back to the fun part fa men chethy shelna kel el Ads 3alashan manertebe6 ba7ad aw neltezem eb contract o chethy. Again thanks all

    Yousef Reply:

    okh hathanta! rid 3ala el telephone asra3 marra thanya law sama7t! 😛

    Mishary Reply:

    Hatha tawna awal yoom ghayarna seyasat el posting welmazaj ta3adal 🙂

  14. elbadeel says:

    ee wala nafs el 7ala et9adig 6aga chboodna mn zman qarar 7akeem oo betawfeej

    Yousef Reply:

    mashkoor 🙂 bs yam3awwad lat6ig chboodkom elbaraka feekom! 4thringroad is one of the blogs i visit more than once a day!

    Allah ywafegkom inshallah 🙂

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  16. Shosho says:

    I have always been a fan. I don’t like commercial blogs, but yours is different, There’s a personal touch to it and that’s why I love it. Some commercial blogs are too commercial and blog too much!

    I don’t mind a post or two in weeks, it’s good, thats how i am now. Blogging should be when you feel like, not obligatory..

    Blogging is not what it used to be a couple of years ago so I understand what you’re talking about 🙁

    Keep it up when you feel like it!

    Yousef Reply:

    oh Shosho! one of the oldest readers/bloggers! min el3a9r elthahaby hehe.. thank you for the nice comment. We tried to keep that personal touch, I’m extremely happy that you sensed that.

    wallah ana ely i’ve always been a fan of your blog! an envious fan! lol I love your blog and your spirit. and the country you’re in.. ugh.

    Thank you Shosho 🙂 We’re stopping the stressful pattern we got stuck in. We’ll only write when we feel like it. We’re going back to what blogging was always about. Laid back and a place where you de-stress.

  17. Ali says:

    allaaah ewafeqkom inshallaaah ;))

    Yousef Reply:

    Ajma3eeen! 🙂

  18. brownsuger says:

    I don’t why but i’m not buying it

    Yousef Reply:


  19. Ahmed says:

    But i wanted to put an Ad pffffff .

    Yousef Reply:

    Check our blog roll on the left. each one of those blogs would get you great exposure. They’re all top notch.

  20. Sahar says:

    Is this a joke? first blushberry, then you? Guys you started the blogging trend in Kuwait along with a few others and raised it to the standard it is today. This is a huge mistake, there is definitely a way around this in terms of organizing your time etc..

    Yousef Reply:

    Thank you Sahar. We appreciate the nice words. Seriously.. it means a lot to get this kind of recognition.

    You see, some of our posts take hours to write and publish. We include many pictures. Great deal of editing is involved when it comes to pictures. I feel like throwing myself outta the window everytime I have a restaurant review/outing/event/adventure/trip that include pictures. We love those posts, the long ones with lots of talking and lots of images. We love them. But we don’t get to post them as much as we used to coz they take a lot of time. Literally hours. hours to complete a single post. We’ve created a standard for ourselves that proved to be impossible to keep up. When we concluded that we couldn’t keep up the standard, we decided to stop.

    That is one of the reasons. Just one. The ‘lets blame the long posts’ reason for stopping this type of blogging. 🙂

    Sahar Reply:

    I appreciate your reply, and don’t worry we will be patient for when you have a post coming up:) And you are right, high standard posting does take time and effort especially to details many people might not even notice:) but that’s how perfectionists work. Good luck, looking forward to your next post even if it a month away:)

  21. Abdullah says:

    As much as I am sad to hear this, I am happy that you took the step to your best comfort. As you said, this should be a hobby and not a job.

    Best wishes..

    Yousef Reply:

    right 🙂 thank you Abdullah

  22. Seham.S says:

    Very emotional:(

    Thank you so much for the time you spent to give us somthing to remember 🙂

    Yousef Reply:

    Seham.S! old reader here! thank you Seham, it is hard on us too to take this decision, but we had to do it 🙂

  23. Name is Bond says:

    Guys! You have been a great presence in the Kuwait Blogosphere..and am sure you will remain as one of the blogging pioneers in this part of the world. You are part of my daily reads and no matter the frequency of your posts, i will be keep a close watch….

    Yousef Reply:

    Mr. Bond. Thank you for the lovely words we appreciate it 🙂 we’re honored to have you as a reader.

  24. Fkj says:

    That’s sad man, I have ur blog in my Bookmarks bar. Thanks for putting an effort for it and good luck guys

    Yousef Reply:

    fkj! very old reader! thank you for sticking with us. we appreciate it 🙂

    Fkj Reply:

    Ooh trust me I check ur blog everyday even before I check my emails. I understand the reason behind that ur gonna stop blogging, after all life is such a busy place to be in 😉

    Yousef Reply:

    You rock Fkj! 🙂

  25. Intlxpatr says:

    First, happy blogaversary. Three years of content is HUGE. Your commitment and your entries have been stimulating, entertaining and helpful.

    Second, I applaud your taking the pressure off yourselves. This is supposed to be fun. Having to keep commercial interests in mind takes some of the fun away.

    Third, I am betting that once the pressure is off, you are blogging anyway. Most of the people who start blogging and keep up with it – even though they feel burned out now and then – are blogging because they were born communicators. You, Yousef, and Mishary, have shown us that you blog to share, not to promote yourselves. I am betting that it is part of your nature, and that once the pressure is off, you will find that it is something you do because it is what you were born to do. 🙂

    Fourth, if you go away, I will be really, really sad.

    Yousef Reply:

    1st thank you!

    2nd, takes most of the fun away. It was hectic!

    3rd, I don’t think we’ll ever stop. As in drop it all? no way. We’re already planning a 5 or 10 years extension to our existing hosting plan. We’ll stop the form of blogging we got stuck with. We will definitely stop being what we’ve been this last year. but stop blogging all together? Unlikely.

    4th, and we can’t let that happen, now can we? 🙂

    5th, You rock. in every single way. Thank you dear intlxpatr 🙂

  26. Ahmed Hassaan says:

    it is sad to hear that from you ,as you are one of my favourite blogs that I used to visit daily basis.
    but sometimes one should take sad(not bad) decision since you feel that you’ll got ur freedom.
    wish u good luck ,and who knows what’s next…..

    Yousef Reply:

    sad but not bad. I like that 🙂

    Thank you Ahmed, and it’s true no one knows whats next. We’re hoping a more relaxed blogging with a post every once in awhile 🙂

    Thank you!

  27. سالم ولد بوسالم says:

    يويسف ومشيري

    احبكم كثر مايحب الطفل الطيور
    احبكم كثر مايحب القطو الصبور

    Yousef Reply:

    LOOL! Ywaisif w Mshairi! wallah ennik 3ajeeb ya Salem ya wild Bo Salem! 🙂

    mashkoor mashkoor 😀

  28. Khaled says:

    your Blog is the first thing I read every single morning, I loved all your posts, and I really appreciate the effort and passion you guys put in it.

    Thank you for 3 amazing years 🙂

    Yousef Reply:

    Thank you Khaled 🙂 we couldn’t have stayed for so long if it weren’t for people like you. We appreciate the nice words 🙂

  29. a la Mocha says:

    I look 4ward to ur blog with my coffee every workday morning! This is sad. 🙁 But if u gotta do wat u gotta do, then I wish u guys the best of luck. And i’ll still be looking 4ward to ur fun posts every now n then. Don’t think u got off the hook!

    Yousef Reply:

    oh i’m sorry, but this is something we just had to do. Thanks for being a loyal reader a la Mocha 🙂

  30. J says:

    To me SomeContrast was the first blog i ever visited and introduced the other blogs for me, so I will certainly miss u.
    Yet it should be a fun thing to do (for u) not a burden.
    so when ever u feel like it.. 🙂
    good luck

    Yousef Reply:

    Thank you dear J, you’ve always had interesting things to say. Thank you! 🙂

  31. Marzouq says:

    1) Happy Anniversary!

    2) I have been reading your blog since day 1 and loving what you guys do! You guys brought a fresh perspective and kept the high quality of the blog!

    3) I loved the insight that you guys brought us on Kuwait, I loved your food posts! lol

    4) I know how hard it is to stop, taking a break from blogging is a hard step to make and my hat goes off to you for taking off the pressure! Its supposed to be fun and like you said you never really stop blogging but it consumes alot of your time! I know I for one will miss your fantastic work! You have proven again and again that your posts are quality work!

    Your Big Fan!

    Yousef Reply:

    thank you Marzouq that was a real uplifting comment! it was a pleasure having you as a reader, especially since we’re big fans of your blog.

    by the way we loved our food posts too lol.. oh many muchboos deyay posts were inspired by your muchboos deyay’s 😛

    Marzouq Reply:

    You can never have enough Muchboos Deyaays!

    U never really leave blogging! Honestly wish the best for you guys and you did an amazing job with your Blog! I feel like you guys really achieved your goal of having a high quality blog in Kuwait and the Middle East!

    I will be looking for you guys in the near future!

    Alah ewafigkum!

  32. bo3zeez says:

    يووووسف هالشي مو مقبول بتاتا (حلوه بتاتا مادري من وين يبتها ) اصلا آنا ما اقدر ابدي الشغل قبل ما امر عليكم عشان يصير لي نفس اشتغل وبعدين آنا بقدم شكوا عند بو محمد اخوك وكيفك تصرف انتا معاه ومو بكيفكم اصلا توقفون اوكي اخذو بريك ماراح نعترض بس لاتوقفون لانكم صرتو جزء مهم من يومنا وبالاخير ما اقول الا الله يوفقكم

    Yousef Reply:

    Wallah ya bo3zeez ena kan qarar 9a3ib.. bs kina lazim ensawy chithee.. o okhoy tawa dag 3alay yanqil shakwetek tara hehehe.. Inshallah ebnaktib bs mo kither gabil. Lazim time out shway 🙂 O Allah ywafig eljemee3 🙂

  33. Falantan says:

    I am really sad and disappointed to hear this news. Your blog was the best for me for its quality write-ups and photos (and for sure subjects). I will really miss such nice posts from u guys. But nevertheless, I totally agree for the efforts needed to post on daily basis. It was really a pleasure for me guys to meet (hypothetically) both of u and wish to see a post for at least once or 100 times 😉 on weekly basis.

    Good luck

    Yousef Reply:

    The pleasure is all ours! Thank you Flantan for the beautiful comment. We’ll never quit blogging, it’s part of who we are 🙂 we’ll continue to write, but it’ll be more of a mazaj writing 🙂

    Thank you Flantan!

  34. Q80 In Denver says:

    Yousef oo Mishary Allah yewafegkom oo la teg63oon bloggin! 🙂

    Yousef Reply:

    Q80 In Denver, I always look forward to your comments! Allah ywafig eljemee3 thank you 🙂

    Q80 In Denver Reply:

    Ya ba3ad 3omry wallah! It’s my honor ya Yousef 🙂

  35. n says:

    thank you for the blog i sure did enjoy visiting ur blog daily … i will really miss u 🙁

    have a good day

    Yousef Reply:

    thank you for the daily visits 🙂 have a great day!

  36. Fawaz says:

    mu shy!
    9ej mu 3ajebna al qarar … bs goodluck :l

    Yousef Reply:

    hehe Fawaz mashkoor o maga9art 3ala alllllll the posts you gave us.. abda3t el9ara7a 🙂

  37. albaqsami says:

    Respect to ur decision my friend, allah ewafegkom

    Yousef Reply:

    albaqsimi! thank you! 🙂 walaht 3alaik wallah.. long time no see 🙂

  38. GH says:

    Honestly wish we had a say in this..But yeah I can see from where this is coming from..

    Nevertheless ya36ekum alf 3afya kafaitaw oo wafaitaw=) mwafegeen ya rab !

    Yousef Reply:

    It would’ve ben chaotic if you guys had a say in this 🙂 My phone didn’t stop ringing after this post.. I can’t imagine if we let someone else in on the whole thing. Nevertheless we’ve always had you readers in mind, thats why we decided to stop what we were heading, out of respect for you.

    Allah ywafeg eljamee3 thank you GH 🙂

  39. Kulsum says:

    I can understand that. I follow your blog since a year or two and have enjoyed your personal reviews. It happens with all the bloogers I tell you. A time when you think its getting stressful. Sometimes we just enjoy till the phase passes and other times we take a decision to be true to yourself and blog. I’m sure the posts that will come now will be even more special.

    Enjoy your time off 😀

    Yousef Reply:

    Thank you Kulsum, it was stressful spending all those ours, it was getting out of hand actually, I mean with posts with lots of pictures, I used to spend an average of 3 hours per post! Thats not normal! right? Long write ups, long posts, quality stuff, they all take a lot of time.

    Thank you for the nice comment, Kulsum 🙂

  40. abc says:

    daf3at mardee wil hawa sharjeee

    Yousef Reply:

    I hope you feel better soon 🙂

  41. Samia Saade says:

    🙁 oh guys!
    I have been reading your blog since you guys started 🙂
    I encourage the step that you’ve taken! and good luck!
    have a nice guilt-free break 🙂
    and would be happy to see you guys back soon

    Yousef Reply:

    Thank you for following us since the beginning Samia 🙂 and thanks for the support!

  42. M7 says:

    Awwal ana mariam om el3ez weldalal welyom ana 9ert ra3yat el abqaaar !!

    thats it guys live ur life !
    its ok 2 or 3 posts a week bas mo aqal 😛 !

    good luck !
    yousef a5af 5e6abt w taby tjabil elmara ?

    we need 6ag6ega posts 7aga faray7eya plz


    Yousef Reply:

    LOL M7 ana madry shino 3elaqat ely gelta awal shay bil post.. bs ham tha7aktny!

    thank you so much for all the help and material you provided 🙂 winshallah we’ll see what we can do for you 3ala el6ag6ega post lol 😛

  43. Summer says:

    I know what you mean when you feel that blogging became more of a job than having fun.. personally I love blogs that update every few days because it makes the post worthwhile!

    Yousef Reply:

    yeah Summer I like those blogs as well, I used to envy them 🙂

  44. Pink Sakura says:

    I feel sad but it is your lifes and you are the ones to make the decisions .
    and when Im about to write who inspired me to start blogging
    which was your blog

    Good Luck

    Yousef Reply:

    We’re honored that we were your inspiration to start a blog. Thank you Pink, and best of luck to you as well 🙂

  45. SiLeNTGRL says:

    غميـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــضه عليكم وحسافه توقفون
    بس الله يوفقكم

    Yousef Reply:

    hehe thank you SiLeNTGRL, Allah ywagek eljemee3 inshallah 🙂

  46. AlSubah says:

    wow … you guys make a goodbye speech sound so awesome…

    I know how you feel and Im both proud and sad of your decisions.

    Allah ywafegkom

    Yousef Reply:

    Allah ywafeg eljemee3 mashkoor 🙂

  47. N says:

    So how does it feel to have a week off so far? 🙂

    Yousef Reply:

    Ooooooooooooooooh we have so much free time now! I’m enjoy it wallah 🙂

  48. Me Blogging says:

    wegaf galbi awal ma sema3t ekhte tegooli you will stop blogging
    bes ashwa rad enabth mara thanya lama galat you will write whenever you feel like it

    Good luck

    Yousef Reply:

    hehe MeBlogging 🙂 Thank you! tara I’m a regular reader and I absolutely love your blog and your creativity! Huge ‘Gowa shlonkom!’ to the family and your sister!

  49. lameta says:

    انا اول ماعرفت شي اسمه بلوق كان هالبلوق..؟
    مادري ليش اخنقتني العبره انا شاكره لكم جهودكم وكل شي
    وبرضو راح اتابعكم كل شوي وكل مره بيكون عندي امل ببوست يديد 🙂


    Yousef Reply:

    lameta thank you mashkoora 3ala halkalam maga9artay 🙂

  50. Guy says:

    omg im so annoyed and pissed!
    i’ve always been a silent reader of your blog, and i follow it religiously. i’ve been seeing the same last post but never got around to reading until now and wondered why there were no updates and i read the final post completely.
    im devastated 🙁 really…

    Yousef Reply:

    Guy, we’re not gone for good, but we’re not going to be posting daily anymore. It’s going to be more like whenever we’re in the mood 🙂 but thank you for being a loyal reader 🙂 you rock

  51. Fawaz says:

    w talyat’ha ma3akkom !!!!
    qayrraw badllaw … sawwaw shay min 23/10 kel hatha noom :/
    173649850373 post 6afkkom !

    nabbi post for Wed. 😀
    at least 5 a week

    Yousef Reply:

    lol ka sawait post.. 😛

  52. Hameed popkins says:

    Mishary and Yousef may god bless you …… sej mokankom kbeer

    Yours Hameed

    Yousef Reply:

    mashkoor o maga99art Hameed 🙂

  53. simsim says:

    NOOOOOOOO 🙁 7asafaa wala.
    ashwa ur not going to close it!!!! bs seriously ur blog is one of the BEST!

    Yousef Reply:

    Thank you we really appreciate the nice words 🙂

  54. amadO says:

    I’m still going to check the blog from time to time 🙂 with the new policy. Alla ma3akom.

    Yousef Reply:

    hehe thanks!

  55. nemo says:

    delete?? close?? you have the best blog out there
    take some off but never think about closing or deleting :s

    and Happy Anniversary 🙂

    Yousef Reply:

    oh nemo sorry tawny arid 3alaich 🙂 but thanks for nice words 🙂

  56. Fz says:

    Gelna taboon etray7oon shway and take it easy, but u might as well close the blog down. Its been a long while since any post.

    Yousef Reply:

    Fz, we were on a break 😛

  57. BoFawzi says:

    قبل ان تتخذون قرار مثل هذا

    نوضؤوا و احسنوا الوضوء ثم صلوا ركعتين استخارة لله عز و جل

    و بإذن الله ستتيسر أموركم للافضل

    Yousef Reply:

    Inshallah metyasra el omoor 🙂

  58. bananaQ8 says:

    Ok am relatively new to the blogging world, but I totally understand your decision guys, blogging is really time consuming & very stressful activity. Don’t get me wrong bloggers but for sometime now I have been thinking to myself why significant % of bloggers are either over-weight or living very unhealthy, the answer is simple, stress & over-dwelling on keeping up the posts & daily stream.

    You did an amazing job over the years & wish you all the best no matter what decision road you follow…

    Yousef Reply:

    Tazmania Thanks for the wishes and support 🙂

  59. QWERTY says:

    Wallah entaw wellne3im feekom. I’m always proud to see the opinions here reflecting the mentality of my fellow Kuwaitis, my generation, my colleagues at work and my family. The blog is awesome and is one of the very very few blogs I still visit.
    Commercial the blog scene turned, true, and commercial it must not be and is not what we enjoyed anyways.
    I support your decision fully.
    No pressure; we enjoy your material when you enjoy it the most. 🙂

    Looking forward to the new phase of SomeContrast. Gawakom Allah

    Yousef Reply:

    QWERTY thank you dear for the nice words. It’s people like you who made the past 3+ years bearable. thank you 🙂

  60. Intlxpatr says:

    Ummmm. . . .hey guys, time for another entry.

    Fahad Reply:

    (Y) I know…. Might as well just close the blog

    Yousef Reply:

    Fahad, never! 😛

    Yousef Reply:

    lol intlxpatr I know.. we kinda got used to not posting 😛

  61. Salem says:

    Com’on guyz, we miss you ;(

    Yousef Reply:

    Salem thank you 🙂 we’re back.. kinda 🙂

  62. Phatealpi says:

    Laaaaa I’m your silent fan!! You can’t just stop !! I’ve been reading your posts before 2008!!

    Yousef Reply:

    thanks for being a loyal reader 🙂

  63. bananaQ8 says:

    Come back guys you had enough rest 🙂

    Yousef Reply:

    hehehe 🙂