We all know about the Afghan girl who was disfigured by her husband after her act of ‘mutiny’ against him and his family.

A quick background:

She was promised by her father to be married to a Taliban at the age of 12. She got married at 14. She was abused by her husband and his family, verbal and physical, they even forced her to sleep with the animals.

She fled her husband’s house, but was captured soon after. Her husband and his brother took her to a hill, held her down, and with a sharp knife they cut off her nose and both of her ears, and then left to die alone. She passed out, and in the middle of the night woke up, and tried to find someone to help her. She went to her grandfather who alerted her father, who inturn took her to an american medical facility. They took care of her for 10 weeks.


She just revealed her new prosthetic nose to the public. This is how her new nose would look like after a year of intensive reconstructive surgeries.

I think she’s a beautiful and a strong woman. May God avenge her.

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