They’re trying out the sirens. I don’t know how long they’ll last, they’re currently on their second third round. They sound good wallah.

Do you remember the old ones? the ones we used to hear while we’re at school sometimes? I remember we used to love it when they would try out the sirens while wer’e in class. The teacher would stop talking and we’d all have a great time! ah good old days.


This entry was posted on Wednesday, October 13th, 2010 at 10:21 am

2 Responses to “Don’t Panic”

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  2. Ansam says:

    Its usually three;
    1. Attention or Alert warning
    2. Attack warning
    3. All-clear

    qorb el kha6ar – woqoo3 el kha6ar – zawaal al kha6ar

    If I am not mistaken! Thats why we heard all three tests today 😉