Arabianbusiness.com released their top 50 most efficient CEO’s list among the gulf countries, and Kuwait got 7 CEO’s on the list. The list is compiled according to the best returns each CEO get from their staff.

CEO’s working in Kuwait:

11. Khalid Al Omar – Zain
21. Mohammed Sulaiman Al Omar – KFH
24. Ibrahim Dabdoub – NBK
38. Scott Gegenheimer – Wataniya Telecom
40. Adel Abdul Wahab Al Majed – Boubyan Bank
44. Michel Accad – Gulf Bank
46. Elham Yousry Mahfouz – Commercial Bank


1 HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud Saudi Arabia
2 Mohammad Ghanam Qatar
3 Andre Sayegh United Arab Emirates
4 Ali Shareef Al Emadi Qatar
5 Saudi Al Gusaiyer Saudi Arabia
6 Fahad Al Otaibi Saudi Arabia
7 Adel Mustafawi Qatar
8 Nasser Marafih Qatar
9 Salah Jaidah Qatar
10 Sajjad Razvi Saudi Arabia
11 Khalid Al Omar Kuwait
12 Abdullah Bin Hamad Al Attiyah Qatar
13 Moayyed Bin Issa Al Qurtas Saudi Arabia
14 Hussain Al Fardan Qatar
15 Osama A. Bashaikh Saudi Arabia
16 Jean Marion Saudi Arabia
17 Michael Tomalin United Arab Emirates
18 Khalid Al Kaf Saudi Arabia
19 Essa Kazim United Arab Emirates
20 Yusef Al Khater Qatar
21 Mohammed Sulaiman Al Omar Kuwait
22 Abdullah Al Rajhi Saudi Arabia
23 Nasser Bin Obood Al Falasi United Arab Emirates
24 Ibrahim Dabdoub Kuwait
25 Robert Eid Saudi Arabia
26 Mohamed Al Mady Saudi Arabia
27 Fahad Hamad Al Mohannadi Qatar
28 Vinod Gomber United Arab Emirates
29 David Dew Saudi Arabia
30 Talal Al Qudaibi Saudi Arabia
31 Bernd Van Linder Saudi Arabia
32 Hesham Al Sahtari Qatar
33 Rick Pudner United Arab Emirates
34 Adel El Labban Bahrain
35 Ziad Al Labban Saudi Arabia
36 AbdulRazak Ali Issa Oman
37 Saud Bin Majed Saudi Arabia
38 Scott Gegenheimer Kuwait
39 Abdulrahman Al Fadley Saudi Arabia
40 Adel Abdul Wahab Al Majed Kuwait
41 Abdullah Issa Al Dabbagh Saudi Arabia
42 Abdulraouf Mannaa Saudi Arabia
43 Mohammed Sharaf United Arab Emirates
44 Michel Accad Kuwait
45 Ali S Al Barrak Saudi Arabia
46 Elham Yousry Mahfouz Kuwait
47 Mahdi Al Bogami Saudi Arabia
48 Abdulmohsen Al Fares Saudi Arabia
49 Abdullah Yar Sirajuddin Saudi Arabia
50 Saad Al Barrak Saudi Arabia

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5 Responses to “GCC’s Top 50 CEOs”

  1. ban1 says:

    w enshallah ya7a6ooon asmy đŸ™‚

  2. Bo9ale7 says:

    Adel Al-Majed is in Boubyan Bank , was the CEO and now Vice-chairman and M.D

    Yousef Reply:

    Edited thanks!

  3. Roumi says:

    The people in that list are all highly respectable people but on the other hand I do not class the site as a reasonable source. Some of the facts mentioned in the “justification” on why they are on that list is “twisted facts” and need adjusting.
    Some of the people on that list are on their clearly for political reasons (company politics not social politics) because the company is going to have a change in ownership and have slight beef with the new owners. Like I said, Arabian business is not the best of sources.

  4. I second Roumi –

    Khalid Al Omar has been CEO of zain like for 5 minutes or so, Elham Mahfouz has barely done anything till now – although I hear she is brilliant – but the bank is still shifting from the Jamal Al Mutawa and Abdul Majeed Al Shatti era..

    not backed enough..