Times square failed bomber was a Muslim. They can’t seem to stress that enough, everwhere, the bomber was a Pakistani Muslim. A Muslim. They have the worst intetions, some of those papers. So Biased. Here is why I think some are biased: 

A Pakistani Muslim was behind the failed plot to bomb Times Square, and a Senegal Muslim was the first to report the smoking car, which contained the bombs, to the police, and helped stop the the whole thing.
Now guess which Muslim isn’t going to be mentioned nor given credit for helping the police on the media?

I hate that Bad Muslims always win the fights against the Good Muslims, and get to bask in the limelight of biased media.

Anyway here is a little interview they did with the Senegali Guy who helped the police, he’s a simple man with simple english. It’s an interesting read.

ANJALI KAMAT: I asked him exactly what he saw on Saturday evening.

ALIOUNE NIASS: So, Saturday, this is my work. You see this. I have a customer. She’s a lady. When I saw her already, so I tried to get the bag. When I tried to get the bag, I took the bag there already. I see the car smoking. I told her, “You see? This car is smoking.” So, I give her the picture, and then I go back to my table, behind the table. I see this car is more smoking. I try to go to the phone to try to make phone call. I told Lance, “This car is smoking. I’m going to call 911.” Lance, he told me, “Don’t call. The cops is right here on the corner. When you go there, he’s there.” So, I tried to go to the corner to the cops to get the cops. Before I go get the cop, the [inaudible] he go there. He went there before I go. So I try—I’m standing here. He tell the cop already. So me and [inaudible] and cop, we come together. And so, like, we’re standing. Cop call 911. Firemen, everybody coming like ten minutes, twenty minutes. They tell us to move down over there. We leave our merchandise here.

ANJALI KAMAT: And you didn’t see anyone in the car?

ALIOUNE NIASS: No, I don’t see anyone. That time, my brother, he’s coming to see inside the car, but he told me, “I don’t see nothing. It’s dark.” That’s what they tell me. But I’m not coming to the car. I’m trying to get the cop or make phone call.

ANJALI KAMAT: And you just saw smoke coming out of the car?

ALIOUNE NIASS: Yeah, mm-hmm.

ANJALI KAMAT: And you told your friend over there, Lance?

ALIOUNE NIASS: Yeah, I told him. I told Mohammad also, my brother—my cousin, I mean. I told both of them.

ANJALI KAMAT: When Alioune returned to his spot the next morning, he was briefly questioned by the police.

ANJALI KAMAT: What did the police ask you when they questioned you?

ALIOUNE NIASS: Yeah, they ask me, “You saw the guy when he come out the car?” I said, “No.” He ask me, “How you see the car?” Like same question you ask me he asked me. I answer. he took my license number and my address and my phone number. So they tell me, “If I need you, I’m going to call you.”

ANJALI KAMAT: Have you been contacted by the police—


ANJALI KAMAT: —or anyone? Any law enforcement agencies?

ALIOUNE NIASS: Not yet. Not yet.

ANJALI KAMAT: You’re from Senegal?

ALIOUNE NIASS: Yeah, I’m from Senegal, yeah.

ANJALI KAMAT: You’re a Muslim?

ALIOUNE NIASS: Yeah, I’m Muslim.

ANJALI KAMAT: I asked Alioune Niass what his reaction was when he found out the suspect in the attempted bombing is a Muslim American born in Pakistan.

ALIOUNE NIASS: That’s not religion, because the Islam religion is not terrorist. Because if I know this guy is Muslim, he do that, if I know that, I’m going to catch him before he run away.

ANJALI KAMAT: How do you think Muslims are generally perceived in New York by police, by law enforcement, when it comes to investigations into terrorism cases?

ALIOUNE NIASS: If one person is bad, they going to say everybody for this religion. That is, I think, wrong.


I’d also read NY Time’s article about the terrorist’s trial. Interesting article.


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  2. MS says:

    we r part of the problem.

    instead of continuing to address ppl as good muslim or bad muslim, we should address there ppl as good MEN or bad MEN.

    the adjective ‘muslim’ should not be relevant.

  3. N. says:

    MS i agree!
    I’ve been trying to explain this to others.. There are good people and there are bad people.. No matter what race, colour, religion and so on.

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