Your iPod touch should be jail broken for this to work. It will add the ability to send and receive sms and make phone calls.. It will cost you around KD33 excluding shipping. They do ship directly to Kuwait by many carrier such as DHL, UPS and Fedex.


“The iPod2iPhone is a new wireless device that adds mobile voice and text messaging capabilities to the iPod Touch. The gadget acts as a protective skin that slips over the iPod Touch and includes a battery, dock connector and SIM card holder. Once the proper software is installed, the iPod2iPhone adds the ability to make voice calls and send and receive text messages on your iPod Touch.”

You can place your order HERE


Got it from her:

My new E-Book is out now ” البوصلة” on my website

for free download press the icon “ my new book” on the flashes

Enjoy the reading

Your comments are most welcome

كتابي الالكتروني الجديد ” البوصلة” على موقعي الاكتروني

للتحميل المجاني اضغط على كلمة كتابي الجديد في الفلاش الذي يحمل صورة غلاف الكتاب

قراءة ممتعة

بانتظار تعليقاتكم و دعمكم


A new guest writer who wished to remain anonymous is writing her first movie review for us at somecontrast. Personally i find her takes and opinions on movies very good and on point. We hope you find this review helpful. Here it goes:

Eat Pray Love (2010)

Director: Ryan Murphy.

Writers: Ryan Murphy & Jennifer Salt based on the autobiographical book by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Cast: Julia Roberts, James Franco, Javier Bardem.

Rating: PG 13


Elizabeth (Julia Roberts), a travel writer, unhappy with her marriage and life decides to divorce and take a year off to travel to Italy, India and Bali and hopefully “find herself” and rekindle her passion for life.


Although i haven’t read the book this movie is based on, i was familiar with the story. I’ll be frank and say that the plot is cliche; hero finds love and happiness abroad. The movie starts slow but picks up the pace when Elizabeth goes to Italy. Now I might be prejudiced since I love everything Italian but this is my favorite part of the whole movie. The scenes were love letters to Italian food and made me crave spaghetti and pizza and wish I was in Rome right now. By contrast, the India segment is loud and stereotypical and although it was supposed to be spiritual it didn’t feel so to me at all. Next,Elizabeth goes to Bali where she finds love with Felipe as well as hippies and medicine men.

I must say that unfortunately Julia Roberts was not her usual charming self and was not looking her best. And although they are both great actors, there was no chemistry between Julia and Javier and I wasn’t touched by the characters love affair.

Another issue was the censorship by the ministry, which unfortunately affected the movie and made no sense since the movie is rated PG 13.


I totally enjoyed seeing a movie in the VIP section of the 360 cinema hall. The seat was so comfortable and the audience were quiet but best of all is that no one was kicking the back of my seat.

Bottom Line:

If you love Julia Roberts and travel movies, then walk to the cinema but don’t run.


But for women only.

Thanks HNM


Its video chatting App over the 3G network, Once you’ve installed it will scan your contacts for any Tango guy, Visit to download the Tango app on your phone. I highly recommend it for your iPhone.


It will be officially open in 360 Mall at 3:00 pm.



We all know about the Afghan girl who was disfigured by her husband after her act of ‘mutiny’ against him and his family.

A quick background:

She was promised by her father to be married to a Taliban at the age of 12. She got married at 14. She was abused by her husband and his family, verbal and physical, they even forced her to sleep with the animals.

She fled her husband’s house, but was captured soon after. Her husband and his brother took her to a hill, held her down, and with a sharp knife they cut off her nose and both of her ears, and then left to die alone. She passed out, and in the middle of the night woke up, and tried to find someone to help her. She went to her grandfather who alerted her father, who inturn took her to an american medical facility. They took care of her for 10 weeks.


She just revealed her new prosthetic nose to the public. This is how her new nose would look like after a year of intensive reconstructive surgeries.

I think she’s a beautiful and a strong woman. May God avenge her.

Source & Source

Thanks Mohammed




Kuwait, October 13th, 2010 – In response to the rising need of modern, quality home products, the Yusuf A. Alghanim & Sons group of companies has just announced the launch of its newest initiative, DAR ALGHANIM, Kuwait’s new landmark, a complete retail park of showrooms filled with the latest home decoration and building products.

DAR ALGHANIM with its landmark windmill – the first ever windmill in Kuwait – is located in Shuwaikh, next to the Alghanim garage, and is a unique concept of 4 different dedicated showrooms offering everything from luxury bathrooms to basic building materials, and all supported a full range of services including 3D design, credit facilities, home delivery and installation.

نبذة عن دار الغانم

افتتحت صالة عرض “درا الغانم” أبوابها في الشويخ الى جانب كراجات الغانم, لتنضم الى مجموعة شركات يوسف أحمد الغانم وأولاده ولتشكل معلما جديدا يضاف الى معالم الكويت مع شعارها الطاحونة الهوائية. وتتألف “دار الغانم” من أربع وحدات مختلفة هي: “هوم اند غاردن”, “رفلكشنز”, “مركز الغانم للبناء” بالاضافة الى “أفكار”. وكل وحدة منها قد تم تصميمها لتلبية احتياجات ومتطلبات بناء المنزل وجميعها متوفرة تحت سقف واحد مما يجعل من التسوق أمرا سهلا ويحافظ على وقت العميل وفق جهد أقل

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^Click on it for a much bigger version.

We were invited yesterday to a Zain media event. The event was held at Sahara Golf & Country Club (Check post), and was basically a media gathering, where all of the newspapers, Kuwaiti tv stations, and some bloggers, were invited.

The event was light and quick. Me & Yousef arrived at Sahara at 7:30pm, we went in, chose a table and sat. It didn’t take long before TV presenter Iman Najim kicked off the event. Followed by a speech from Zain Group CEO, Mr. Nabeel bin Salama.

We were given 2 little coupons with numbers on them, and right after Group CEO’s speach, we were asked to take them out and prepare for the draw. Many valuable gifts we’re presented to lucky (ugh) winners. Tickets to london, tickets for any destination in the world, and many new Blackberries. Me & Yousef enjoyed clapping for each one of the 8 winners.

Some of the big people at Zain were at the event:

Nabeel bin Salama, Zain Group CEO.
Khalid Al Omar, Kuwait CEO.
Waleed AlKhashti, CCR Manager.
Abdullah AlJad3an, CCR Director.

We took many pictures of the event. Take a look.


When Darth Vader (David Prowse) revealed his secret to Luke, Hamill was hanging onto a pinnacle above mattresses placed on cardboard boxes about 30 feet off the ground.

These shots were taken in 1979-1980 on the set while filming Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. The rare shots were revealed by Vanity Fair to mark the movie’s 30th anniversary.

11 more rare photos to go


It will be held on 20th of October. Let’s hope there is something about a new Macbook Air in it, I really need to update mine.


I don’t appreciate drivers like the one pictured above. They’re careless and tasteless. Look at how she was blocking us when she could’ve easliy moved over a little. Notice the space in front of her? yet she refused to budge when I honked. I mean come on pick a lane lady!

You know what she did? She drove her car over the two lanes till we reached the intersection, thats when she moved to the right and continued ahead.

Annoying careless drivers are a hazard to my mood every morning.


You’re all invited to Zawaya Ashaghaf’s celebratory event held at 360 Exhibition hall on the 14th, 15th and 16th of October. A whole day event with an exhilarating show starting at 6 pm.

The event will carry the following:

  1. A talent show and exhibition.
  2. Comic book.
  3. Yasmina Dashti, a unique genius talent and an author will also participate.


ينطلق مشروع زوايا الشغف في عامه الثاني في 360 مول بين 14-16 أكتوبر 2010 في قاعة المعارض – الدور الأرضي، ليقدم احتفالية فريدة من نوعها تحمل مبدأين أساسيين الشغف و العطاء و عدم الحكم على الغير، و تتضمن الآتي:

عرض المواهب.

 كتاب الرسم الفكاهي .

بالإضافة الى ذلك تضم الاحتفالية الكاتبة النابغة ذات 11 عاما ياسمينا دشتي.


Review ماضينا Kuwaiti Restaurant

It’s hard to think of Kuwaiti restaurants when you’re hungry, basically because none have proved to be a good place for an outing. Also we don’t have that many good ones.

I know of 2 only, Sha6e2 AlWa6ya (Om Habeeb’s) near the church, and Fereej Swailih, and if you’re like me, you wouldn’t go for Freej Suwailih coz, well, Hailag and loud people who lick their feet while gorging on Liban.. Eat there (Bear in mind that I don’t get disgusted easily). So you’re left only with Sha6y Elwa6ya.

Review ماضينا Kuwaiti Restaurant

While both serve good food, they both lack the ‘I’m having dinner in a restaurant’ feel; you don’t feel you’re out.

Review ماضينا Kuwaiti Restaurant

That wasn’t the case last week at ماضينا Restaurant. ماضينا is located on the 28th floor in Burj Jassim. With a view that could easily compete with The Kuwait Towers view. The interiors were beautiful, modern and chic, very unlike any other Kuwaiti restaurant I’ve been to. And the food was really really good. I’m referring to the maindishes and not the starters, coz basically the starters sucked.

We had: Read the rest of this entry »




They’re trying out the sirens. I don’t know how long they’ll last, they’re currently on their second third round. They sound good wallah.

Do you remember the old ones? the ones we used to hear while we’re at school sometimes? I remember we used to love it when they would try out the sirens while wer’e in class. The teacher would stop talking and we’d all have a great time! ah good old days.



postedby released their top 50 most efficient CEO’s list among the gulf countries, and Kuwait got 7 CEO’s on the list. The list is compiled according to the best returns each CEO get from their staff.

CEO’s working in Kuwait:

11. Khalid Al Omar – Zain
21. Mohammed Sulaiman Al Omar – KFH
24. Ibrahim Dabdoub – NBK
38. Scott Gegenheimer – Wataniya Telecom
40. Adel Abdul Wahab Al Majed – Boubyan Bank
44. Michel Accad – Gulf Bank
46. Elham Yousry Mahfouz – Commercial Bank

Check out complete list




For those of you interested if on plane internet connection, you can check in advance here if it’s equipped with wifi or not.



The first time I came near drowning was way back in 1990 in a swimming pool in Spain. My older brother ‘saved’ me. The second time was just 2 months ago, in Sharm AlSheikh, while in full diving gear.

We were diving in Shark’s Bay. The Shark’s bay’s name sounds dangerous, but I’ve never seen a shark over there. The dive was a shore dive, which means you wear your gear and walk to the sea and slowly get submerged under the waters as you walk further in. Cool place to dive since even when your feet could still touch the ground, you can see all the corals, fish, and lovely blue depths ahead. The water’s beauty over there is intoxicating.

It was an early dive, the bus was coming to pick us up and we were still in our beds. Sulaiman being the most disciplined person in the group passed by our room earlier and woke us all up and headed to the breakfast buffet. The breakfast was essential prior to every dive. You had to have something to eat before a dive, that’s what we were taught. That morning however, we barely had enough time to pack our gears and wear our shorts. There was always a time shortage when we’re in Sharm. We walked out of our rooms and headed to the car, Sulaiman met us half way. He was coming to yell at us for being late, as always.

We got to Shark Bay in 10 minutes, wore our gear and were in the water soon after. I was hungry and excited, my excitement totally overshadowed me being hungry, and that, my friends, is rare in my case. We walked into the water, wore our masks, then walked in a littler deeper, and finally peeked under the surface. It was beautiful down there. The Corals, colored fish, crystal clear waters.. You could see that we were excited about this place as soon as we looked back up. The guide ordered us all to empty the air in all of our BCDs (vests) and start the dive. We happily did.

The ground’s slope at this location is amazing. You can touch the ground with your feet one minute, and the next minute you’re 15 meters under the surface. Amazing. We started going deeper and deeper, I had a weird feeling going through me only 10 minutes after the dive. I didn’t know what it was. I ignored it cautiously. The dive was getting better, we were nearing a canyon, and I haven’t seen this canyon when I came to this same spot last year. As we were taking our time to get to the canyon, that weird feeling started to bother me and I felt that something bad was about to happen. I didn’t know what was going on, I didn’t know what that feeling was, It just felt like my heart have just received some really bad news; I felt heavy hearted.

I was looking at 2 of my friends infront of me, they were beginners. I was observing the air bubbles coming out of their mouths. Aziz was getting better at controlling his air intakes, while Mohammed was only getting worse. Unbroken chains of bubbles were rising from his mouth. He was basically draining his air tank, and at this rate, we’ll be forced to end our dive and get out in no time. We hate that. I, on the other hand, was great at controlling my breathing.

While observing their bubbles, That weird feeling started to get the best of me. I felt I was being suffocated.

There is something you learn instinctively, as you get into diving, and it’s really important: You don’t get into the water or plan a dive unless there is someone around who you trust 100% and could count on. That someone that day was Sulaiman. I motioned him over, he came close immediately. I took his white board and wrote ‘Madry Shfeeny’ on it (I don’t know whats wrong with me). He took my hand and we swam together. I didn’t want to ruin their dive, it was a nice one and everybody seemed to enjoy it, so far.

You shouldn’t bother trying to be unselfish when you’re under water. This was something I learned the hard way.

That weird feeling didn’t leave me for one bit, and it started to really take over me in a suffocating way. We have reached the canyon.

The canyon was narrow; it looked like a narrow crack through big sharp edged walls. The walls on the insides met at the top, forming the canyon’s cracked ceiling. Claustrophobics worst nightmare.

At that point, I was carefully observing my movements, my reactions, and overall the way I was thinking. I was told that nitrogen intoxication (sikir la3maq) have specific symptoms: You don’t think straight, you get dizzy, you’re reactions get slower, and you end up taking off your mask and regulator (oxygen) in frenzy. I feared that. That was why I had Sulaiman close, so I could have someone taking care of me in case I go crazy for a minute. On top of that, I was paying close attention to myself. That was also scary in itself. That you had to observe your ‘self’ and stop it from doing something crazy.

We went into the canyon, the guide first, followed by Aziz, then Mohammed, then Me, and then Sulaiman. Mohammed was slow, he was holding me back. At that time I was officially suffocating. I couldn’t breath. There was air coming in and out of my lungs, but for some reason it wasn’t registering, like I wasn’t getting enough air in. Somehow water got into my mouth and I swallowed.

I was drowning.

I should keep it together; I should pay attention to what I’m doing. I should all do that.. while suffocating. Also I shouldn’t cause any freak out. We’re in a narrow canyon; we’re nearing its end. We’re going up to its exit. Hold on a litte more. Wait your turn to exit. It’s finally my turn to go up. More water swallowed. Mohammed is too damn slow! I rush behind him.. and thats when I received a major kick from Mohammed’s fins. My mask goes off and I can’t see. Uncontrollably I start swallowing more water. I try to keep it cool and not freak out. I’m going up behind Mohammed, I’m swallowing even more water, I’m adjusting my mask, I try to navigate away from the sharp edges of the canyon, all that while suffocating and gasping for air. For one moment there I was ready to put an end to it all, shove them all and climb my way back to the surface and take in all the air and just BREATH IT ALL IN. But I couldn’t.

Mask is back on, we’re out of the canyon, the guide is checking on all of us. He’s checking on all of my 3 friends, and I’m just waiting for my turn to be checked on. It was just getting crazier and crazier. Imagine someone drowning, and is trying to be polite and wait for his turn to be checked on. That was me. Stupid. When it finally was my turn, I couldn’t keep together any longer; I raised my thumb pointing to the surface, while my other hand on my throat making the ‘kill/dead’ gesture, and started to kick my way up. The guide came rushing, and stopped me from acting on my own. I wanted to go up. I’m not kidding, I’m drowning, and I’m not getting enough oxygen! Maybe there is something wrong with the tank! I need oxygen! Get me out! yup I reached that point after many attempts to stay cool and act professional. I was held down in spite of all what I was feeling. I had to comply and stop in my place. I rested and took as many inhales as I could, air was rushing in and outta my lungs.

40 minutes later, we were sitting in a cafe that overlooked the beach. We were discussing what happened. The guide asked whether I had something to eat or not? That was one of the 2 possible reasons for what happened; I was diving on an empty stomach. The other reason was: I was too conservative with my tank. I tried to be economical and control my intake until I literally suffocated myself. I managed to prolong my tank’s life till I reached a point where I had too little oxygen in me to keep me going, that’s when I had my “Hyper ventilation.”

Lesson learned & Reaffirmed:

1- Have a great buddy around.
2- Eat properly before a dive.
3- Being polite could kill you sometimes.
4- Live, Learn, and don’t let bad experiences affect your future ones.


مجاناً : تيس
تيس عمره 7 شهور،أبيض بدون قرون أليف و مرح.خذه مجاناً بشرط واحد:لا تذبحه ولا تبيعه بل احتفظ به. 66111988

Free: Goat (male)

7 month’s goat, white, without horns, fun around the house. Take it for free, but under 1 Condition: Don’t kill it and don’t resell it. Just keep it. 66111988

A lot of heart in this little ad.



Remember this? Its the limited edition 1KD that was issued for the second anniversary of Kuwait’s liberation on 1993. Its almost 20 years for this 1KD. It was a gift from my grand mother (RIP). For more pictures click below.

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