Review ماضينا Kuwaiti Restaurant

It’s hard to think of Kuwaiti restaurants when you’re hungry, basically because none have proved to be a good place for an outing. Also we don’t have that many good ones.

I know of 2 only, Sha6e2 AlWa6ya (Om Habeeb’s) near the church, and Fereej Swailih, and if you’re like me, you wouldn’t go for Freej Suwailih coz, well, Hailag and loud people who lick their feet while gorging on Liban.. Eat there (Bear in mind that I don’t get disgusted easily). So you’re left only with Sha6y Elwa6ya.

Review ماضينا Kuwaiti Restaurant

While both serve good food, they both lack the ‘I’m having dinner in a restaurant’ feel; you don’t feel you’re out.

Review ماضينا Kuwaiti Restaurant

That wasn’t the case last week at ماضينا Restaurant. ماضينا is located on the 28th floor in Burj Jassim. With a view that could easily compete with The Kuwait Towers view. The interiors were beautiful, modern and chic, very unlike any other Kuwaiti restaurant I’ve been to. And the food was really really good. I’m referring to the maindishes and not the starters, coz basically the starters sucked.

We had:

Chicken Spring Rolls.
Shrimp Cocktail.
Muchboos Laham (Lamb)
Emmawash with 7amsat rebyan 6ery (Green lentil rice with shrimps)

Review ماضينا Kuwaiti Restaurant

Review ماضينا Kuwaiti Restaurant

The starters were really bad. I know for a fact that Kuwait isn’t famous for it’s spring rolls nor shrimp cocktails, I know that it was wrong to order that as starters in Kuwaiti restaurant, but I blame our bad choices on our Kuwaiti menu. We never had good Kuwaiti starters on the menu. Ending up with bad Kuwaiti starters is inevitable when your cuisine asasan doesn’t do starters.

The next time we’re there I’m gonna order Gabbou6 for starters, I think I’ve seen it on the menu.

The maindishes on the other hand were great.

Review ماضينا Kuwaiti Restaurant

Review ماضينا Kuwaiti Restaurant

My friend had the Muchboos Laham. I took a bite and thought it was very well done. It tasted like a really good home cooking, nothing was over done, nice 7ashow, rice tastey and full of flavor, and the meat’s portion was more than enough (3 pieces) and they were tender. They serve it with either Daqoos (tomato sauce) or Marag bo6a6 (gravy, tomato based, with chunks of potatoes).

Review ماضينا Kuwaiti Restaurant

Review ماضينا Kuwaiti Restaurant

I had the Emmawash with rebyan 6erey. It was to die for. Seriously, how can a simple dish like emmawash taste so good is beyond me. It tasted great, just the emmawash itself was worth the visit. What stood out was how moist it was (not hameech, coz the rice softness was balanced perfectly), but somehow it was moist (china man6araw 3alaih itisakkar 3adil). It worked. Now the shrimp was like the icing on the cake. It was delicious with all the spices. Loved it and finished everything on that plate you see above.

Review ماضينا Kuwaiti Restaurant
^Complimentary Lgaimat.

Review ماضينا Kuwaiti Restaurant
^Compimentary fruit basket

I loved the restaurant. I think it’s up there with Freej Swailih and Sha6y Elwa6ya, but located at a better location, and is much fancier. Prices are bit more expensive, but it’s relatively cheap compared to fancy restaurants. Our bill was around 15 KD.

Note: The place used to be a Moroccan restaurant, I heard that’s why the interiors are fancier than other Kuwaiti restaurants, coz it kept the place as it is unchanged.


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  2. Mishary says:

    Shakla latheeeth! Second pic e3jebatney!

  3. Kuwait Classifieds says:

    I feel hungry now…

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  5. Q80 In Denver says:

    I remember eating from their previous restaurant. the food was absolutely laughable. I remember kicking myself for eating in a place that has (Moroccan, French, Italian) Cuisines all in one place. I knew that it will go wrong and it did! know they just changed the name and brought Kuwaiti cuisine to the menu. I won’t even thinking of going back. I just checked the menu and they had (Machboos la7am, Penne Arrabiata, Moroccan 6agens, Steak).

    7asafa 3ala their AMAZING location.

  6. rawand says:

    i am totally agreed with you…..the appetizers is not that good…….but everything else was fabilous……the foood was delicious and the view is amazing……its only neeed a breakfast with a cup of coffee….i hope they open breakfast