We were sent a package of pretzels by the nice people over at Auntie Anne’s for dinner. We went for tuesday coz thats when we have our family gathering at our home. It arrived around 7:30pm, which was perfect. it was hot and smelled wonderful. I was almost too hesitant to wait for the dinner to be served coz the smell was that good.

Anyway. We were sent the following:

Original Pretzels.
Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels.
Cheese Stix.
Mini Dog Pretzels.
3 Kinds of Dips.
2 Kinds of Lemonade mixers.

As I said earlier the whole thing smelled really good, and I tried them all. They were all very nicely done. I didn’t think that I’d be a fan of pretzels, but I think I am now. I didn’t know I liked them that much until I started craving them every morning and before lunch time. They’re good. Fresh is the word I’d choose to describe them.

My favorite would be hands down the Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel. I’m not really a fan o Cinnamon, the spice, unless it’s with muchboos deyay, but it worked perfectly on this Pretzel. Very tasty! and my second favorite was the original. yum. The dips however I didn’t really care for.

^ I didn’t really care for the dips as the Pretzels were totally fine without any additions.

^There is the winner Pretzel! The cinnamon sugar stick. Highly recommended!

Those mini dogs tasted Okay. Nothing really special about them. But they were ok. I think coz no one else wins when it comes to mini hotdogs besides Qaysar’s.. right?

I recommend Auntie Anne’s pretzels for light dinners, breakfasts, and snacks. They’re good.


Avenues (Phase 2, food court).
360 Mall (Food court).
Al-Kout (Fahaheel, food court)
Al-Bairaq mall.
Al-Yarmook (Inside the Co. Opp).

For Delivery call: 97200273

Auntie Anne’s Facebook fanpage

Thank you Auntie Anne’s Team! You too HalfCreamMilk!


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7 Responses to “Review: Auntie Anne’s”

  1. Ruby_GLoooM says:

    You Must try the mini peperoni’s on the pretzel , ask for an extra, and also the cheese pretzel. They tast Great! , and carefull from the blue Slushi , it’s yummy and refreshing, makes ur tounge electric BLUE .

  2. iLSuL6ana says:

    When i was in the states gabel fatra, i was IN LOVE with the hotdog pretzels!! bs lel2saf mo nafs il 6a3am here..and it was beef hotdog :p

  3. erick says:

    the cinnamon sticks with caramel dip is sooooooo yummy specially with a hot green tea……

  4. Dallo says:

    yum yum yum 😀 it’s been very long time since i last order from them, i really liked the Almond Stix with caramel dip

  5. OMAR says:


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  7. macy says:

    auntie anne’s…..pretzels….its so yummy… love the cinnamon and almond pretzels….and the hotdog….