Liveview by Sony Ericsson, is a tiny little thing you put on your desk, and it’ll sync with you mobile, facebook, twitter, and so on. It’ll display messages, tweets, calendar and what not. It hasn’t been priced, yet.

From The Sun:
“Basically, it’s a receiver that hooks up to your handset via Bluetooth and displays information on the screen.

Why, you may well ask.

Sony Ericsson says it allows people more freedom because they don’t need to keep checking their phone’s display.

This little gizmo will show the latest Facebook and Twitter updates, calendar information and text messages.

You can also see who is calling.”

To Sony Ericsson: You may have missed this, but my mobile doesn’t look like this, and it’s on my desk right now and it does all that already. Or am I missing something?



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2 Responses to “Sony Ericsson’s LiveView”

  1. Jacqui says:

    It’s a nice try but I don’t know how I can read a screen that small for any update :/ I dunno how well this will work.

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