There is something wrong going on at XCite and some of their iPhone 4s. My friend just bought an iPhone 4 on Friday, and was surprised to find it dead when he tried to use it. The brand new iPhone 4 was dead right out of the box.

He went to iCity to have it looked at, and they asked him this when he explained the problem: “From XCite?” and then they went on to tell him that they had numorous customers come in with brand new iPhones 4, dead out of the box, from XCite.

So what my friend did was, he went to Xcite, the one in Alray, and asked for a replacement or a refund. They refused. They told him that a refund or a replacement wasn’t possible. Even when He threatened to go to the Consumer Protection Association (حماية المستهلك), they didn’t back down, and was told that حماية المستهلك would do nothing about it.

He went there already and the CPA حماية المستهلك were totally supportive of his case and are helping him begin the refund process.

What’s the deal? Frankly, this issue aside, and even though this is completely and utterly ridiculous, I still think XCite is trustworthy, and I think that they should act professional and have a full refund for such problems.

I mean Come on; this issue is way beneath you


Thomas from XCite wrote a comment that promised to solve the problem. The issue was dealt with and it’s over now. I hope in the future when issues of this nature arise, they choose a smoother way to deal with their customers as I’m sure they want to earn and maintain every customer’s trust, and business.

I think customers nowadays could easily take their business else where, the market is very competitive in here, and we have our beloved online stores to compete with our local ones.

Anyway, thanks a lot Thomas for stepping in, and for solving this issue. Maybe you can raise this issue in your next meeting to make sure it never happens again. Just a suggestion from a long time customer.


This entry was posted on Sunday, October 3rd, 2010 at 1:02 pm

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  1. Frankom says:

    كفو والله
    عفية على حماية المستهلك
    يعني سمعة شركة لازم على الاقل يبدلونه
    مو خسرانين شي لما يعترفون ان جهازهم خربان
    أخسر 250 دينار ولا أخسر عميل أو عملاء

  2. swera says:

    madre lesh elkil yestahwen eb 7emayat elmostahlek! we went to them 3 times and they helped us all along! eredoon 7g elmostahlek mn galb!

    and i too always buy from XCite bs 3la fekra their customer service is zeft! we had trouble with one of the devices we bought from them o 6ale3aw 3enna! at the end they gave us a voucher with the amount but didnt give us our money back! they should hv a refund policy! this is not professional at all!

  3. Kha says:

    Thats horrible! Thats why I prefer to buy my products from Eureka. At the very least they have their own iPhone service specialist

  4. Thomas says:

    HI, I work at X-cite and this was just bought to my attention. If you can provide me the details of your friend, we could provide support to resolve this.

    You could either post the details here or please feel to contact me at
    6639 1372 /aniltom@alghanim.com


  5. fahad says:

    t9eer, w tara ygdar ya36eeh ay a7ad ray7 london or usa or any apple store ra7 ybadlona lh.. bkel shola w mala da3y y3wr rash. mjarbha in london and usa…

  6. khaled says:

    got mine mn electrozan, the good thing ina they have warrenty 3ala hardware oo software

  7. MS says:

    u honestly seriously think that xcite is professional?
    To be honest, i have tried all products and services provided by the ppl who own xcite (and many other companies as well). This family seems to have a problem with quality assurance and customer satisfaction, all the way from their electronics, to their cars, to their services (ac repair and such).

    Kuwait as a whole, is an inviting festering pool for big companies that dont HAVE to or NEED to keep the customer satisfied, because we have the money and we keep going back.

  8. Thomas says:

    Hi Yosuf
    Thanks to your prompt action, I was able to speak with the customer and the issues has been resolved to the satisfaction of the customer.Thank you all for your support and feedback

    If you have any issues, please feel to contact me or log in a complaint on our website



  9. Q says:

    ناس ما تمشي الا بالعين الحمرا
    يا توماس المفروض انكم بإكسايت تحلون المشكله حق الريال قبل لا يفضحكم. يعني لازم يشتكي و يفضحكم عالنت؟
    انا صادفتني مشكله مماثله. عندي آي بود لولد اختي، المهم الولد عطاني الجهاز و قالي خالي سوله ابديت. احط الجهاز عالآي تونز بس مو راضي يتعرف عليه!!! حاولت على ٥ كمبيوترات و ظلت المشكله على ماهي عليه. وديت الجهاز لإكسايت و هو عليه كفاله سنه قالولي المشكله من عندكم و انتو اللي مكسرين الجهاز.
    المهم قلتلهم انا اعلمكم و رحت حماية المستهلك و ر فعت عليهم شكوى و الحين انا ناطر
    اكسايت على بالهم الناس بتسكت عليهم، اما من ناحيتي فانا غاسل ايدي منهم من زمان و محرم اني اشتري منهم اي شي و مستعد ادفع زياده و اشتري من محل ثاني ولا اشتري منهم حتى برغي

  10. lendmeurear says:

    Thank YOU Q!!!
    I was just thinking the same thing!
    It’s funny how action is only taken by x-cite when they are publicly criticized. Where is their concern when the customer personally goes with a complaint? No interest whatsoever. I guess hypocrisy is x-cite’s motto.

  11. anonymous says:

    I have found that Alghanim have the WORST service in everything…I personally boycotted them two years ago.

  12. Wathi777 says:

    Ya akhi kalamik mo wathe7 , eli fahmna ena shari eljehaz mn xcite o 6ala3 fe mishkla o wadah icity o ra7 xcite yeshtki o ma3a6oh wayh o maradola shay o ra7 7emayat elmusrahlik , bs ma3rfna sheno elkhalllllaaaaaal eli bel jihaaaaaz o sheno feeeeeeh el jihaaaaaaz
    Esma7li eslobik mowathi7

  13. واحد من الربع says:

    انا اقول روحو الكتروزان السعر احسن وارخص وكفاله على الهارد وير مو نفس الباجي يكفلكم السوفت وير وحده 3 شهور حاله حال icity
    على الاقل اذا صار ماصار بالجهاز فيه عندهم ورشه ويكفلون الجهاز
    الكتروزان شركه تدور السمعه قبل لا يبيعون على الناس صج تاخر يوم نزلو الجهاز بس نزلو شي على سنع ما استعيلو عشان الربح وبالاخير يخسرون الناس ويخسرون سمعتهم
    انا لحد اللحين ماخذ من عندهم 3 اجهزه وما اشتكيت وكل واحد يقولي وين ادزه عليهم فيه واحد كويتي مادري اذا لا اللحين ماسك هناك ولا لأ بس الصراحه ينصح وفوق هذا عندهم برامج بعد

    تحياتي واحد من الربع

  14. R.G. says:

    والله و للذمه كنا شارين تلفون من الغانم بالافنيو و بعد ما فتحناه و راعيه قال ما ابيه رديناه و اخذنا تلفون ثاني غريبه الحادثه مالتك لان انا حتي ما عطلوني و عندهم قسم خاص و مكتب بالخلف للمرتجع علي فكره كل اجهزتم عليها كفاله

  15. Atif says:

    The iphone 4 which is on display at Xcite, Baitak tower, Kuwait city is with cydia. I don’t understand why they have put a jailbroken iphone 4 for display. If they are selling a jailbroken phone at 300 KD, then, I doubt on their professionalism.

  16. Yousef says:

    Wathi777 hagait eny wathi7.. I wrote that the device was dead right out of the box. ya3ny min awal maba6elah wohwa mayeshte’3il moool. kharban.

    Thomas Thank you. I updated the post with a reply.

    R.G. Same here. So far I didn’t have a bad experience with XCite. I find their service and employees very helpful actually. But I would’ve been really pissed if something like this happened to me.

  17. i don't think it's requierd says:

    hatheeee majmo3at el ghanim bkobera el customer service ta3ban 3endhooom kel sharekathoum daykhaaaa
    walla 7aram el wa7ed ma yakheth 7aga elaaa etha ketab bel net hathe mo 7alaaa , o ba3dain cham wa7ed nthalam o ma gedar yakheh 7aga lanaa ma fe a7ad yakteb 3an shakwetaaaa !