There are certain things that shouldn’t cost so much. I wouldn’t mind spending on a nice watch, a nice wallet, a nice whatever. But a TV at KD1500+ is just not worth buying. Some might argue that TVs are the most used piece of furniture ever invented, and I’d agree, but certain things shouldn’t cost much, the tv is one of those things.

Fa 3ad I’ve been shopping around for a nice thin TV to hang on my room’s wall and replace my current vintage “Bo dabba” TV. I like doing my research before I buy something.. it took me 3 months to buy my sound canceling bose headphones.. so you can imagine how much time would I need to buy a new TV.. (7 years) e7em.. anyway. I was glad when they announce the LED technology, I thought I was real smart for holding out and not buying the thin Full HD TVs when they came out, coz now we have something that is even slimmer and akshakh.. I also remember not liking it’s KD1000+ price. No TV is worth my 1000+ monayyh. And it happened all over again with the new cool and futuristic 3D TVs. I mean you can’t help but be a kid again with 3D technology, right?

But you know what? I’ve always thought that we, humans, weren’t meant to indulge ourselves in such an advanced technology, it’s way too cool, and even way cooler to have at our houses and in our rooms.. ya3ny imagine yourself going to sleep to a 3D TV. We’re just not there yet. And apparently someone whose opinion really does matter agrees with me, and have proofs that 3D TVs doesn’t work well with our brains. Unless they produce holographic images, they won’t work.

Anyway, if you’re thinking of buying one, with or without 3D glasses, then you might want to read this article. I did, and you should read this piece by too, it’s by a multiple academy award winning editor Walter Murch.


“But the deeper problem is that the audience must focus their eyes at the plane of the screen — say it is 80 feet away. This is constant no matter what.

But their eyes must converge at perhaps 10 feet away, then 60 feet, then 120 feet, and so on, depending on what the illusion is. So 3D films require us to focus at one distance and converge at another. And 600 million years of evolution has never presented this problem before. All living things with eyes have always focused and converged at the same point.”

“3D films would not work if we couldn’t. But it is like tapping your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time, difficult. So the “CPU” of our perceptual brain has to work extra hard, which is why after 20 minutes or so many people get headaches. They are doing something that 600 million years of evolution never prepared them for. This is a deep problem, which no amount of technical tweaking can fix. Nothing will fix it short of producing true “holographic” images.”

“So: dark, small, stroby, headache inducing, alienating. And expensive. The question is: how long will it take people to realize and get fed up?” – Walter Murch

“It doesn’t work with our brains and it never will.
The notion that we are asked to pay a premium to witness an inferior and inherently brain-confusing image is outrageous. The case is closed.” – Roger Ebert

So, now we have 2 problems at hand: #1 We need another million years or so to learn how to watch 3D TVs. and #2 TVs shouldn’t cost this much!!




SO! We wanted to attend at least 2 shows in New York, Broadway shows, plays, musicals that used R&B Instrumentals, call them what you call them, we wanted 2. Why 2? Well simply coz we had lots of things to see, lots of places to be and only 8 days in NY. We thought of adding one more show, but we left it 3altesaheel. We chose the obvious hit musical, Wicked, and another musical called ‘Promises Promises.’

Promises seemed like the right choice after some heavy googling, show comparisons, and serious reviews-reading. It was a nice musical that was generating lots of money, weekly, with a great cast to back it up. We also learned the musical was going to END on the January 2nd. We had to attend the Finale, right? So we booked premium seats, 2nd row in the middle section. We could actually see the actors spit landing on the conductor’s face.

The play is about this guy played by Sean Hayes, who is very insecure and is head over heals for this lady played by Kristin Chenoweth, who works in the same company. He is promised promotions by his married superiors if he let them use his apartment on weekdays for their dates. He finds out later that the woman he loves is in love with one of his superiors, the big boss, and has visited his apartment with the boss on many occasions, She was promised marriage.

The play was beautiful. It was full of great acting, big voices and good, really good, songs. Molly Shannon played a little part too, she was HILARIOUS! We didn’t stop laughing for the entire 15 minutes she was on stage. The musical also had its emotional moments. The girls sitting next to us wear practically weeping. They had tissues on their faces for last 30 minutes of the play. Even the cast, by the last 2 or 3 minutes, they started welling up and some even cried. It was magical. A huge sweeping standing ovation was due when it ended, and bouquets of flowers were distributed. The 2 stars gave nice little speeches where they thanked each others and the audience, before heading backstage.

We bought 2 CDs from the giftshop on our way out. We had to! The songs and their voices along with their acting and storyline, everything, formed an amazing theatrical experiece. We didn’t know we were meant to buy the CDs for something GOOD to come. We stepped outside and we saw people running on the street heading to the back of the theater. Security and body guards were organizing the crowds, and having them in lines in front of the backdoor.

So we stood there, across the street waiting for the stars to come out. We saw Will Ferrell while waiting, and in all seriousness we couldn’t care less. After like 15 minutes they came out. And were signing autographs for every one. That’s when we decided to join them and have our CDs autographed. There was no pushin and no rushing, actually they took their time to hug fans and talk and had all the time to sign everybody’s everything. Thats when we got our booklets signed.

Molly Shannon came out first, then Kristin Chenoweth, and then Sean Hayes. My friend managed to mention that we were from Kuwait, and Hayes expressed that he was pleasantly surprised to see people flying all the way from Kuwait to attend the musical’s finale.

Pretty Surreal, seeing all those talented people on stage, and then having a little chat with them outside, and then have their autographs in a very relaxed manner; they signed and talked with every one. Extremely nice and down to earth people.


Hey guys! How’ve you been? It’s been a long time since we last spoke!

So yeah, we took a nice 2 (almost 3) months off. Whoa, we loved it. We have new found appreciation for sleeping early. Personally, I slept better by not worrying about posting new stuff for tomorrow. It’s a wonderful feeling, sleeping without having guilt creeping up on you for not posting. You know what was even more fun? Complaining about how other blogs aren’t posting often enough 🙂 we loved being able to read and enjoy other blogs, again. You guys (Kuwaiti bloggers in general) are doing an amazing job.

So what have I done in the past 2 months? I traveled! For a month! 30 days! To the US! (Too many exclamation marks!!!)

I took my camera, the big heavy camera and its big bag with all those different lenses, which eventually took their burden on my poor shoulder. But this time I wasn’t obliged to take it everywhere with me… I didn’t have to report back to my blog. You see, going out without my camera strapped to my back wasn’t an option, for a long time, and that isn’t the case anymore. That was the case with me, and is with most bloggers; they go to places and take all their readers along with them to every outing. This time nothing was crowding me during my vacation. Well maybe a thing or two, but nothing more.

I have so much stuff to say about my trip. I won’t rush myself. I won’t even bother reread this post and correct stuff. No serious editing, anyway.

We’re back! (in a way) And it’s about time.. Dontcha think?