I got an email from my brother about homemade onion rings and the recipe, I knew I wanted to try it out, so I kept in the inbox and used it today. It was surprisingly easy to make!

– 2 large white onions
– 75grams of flour
– 2 tbsp of starch
– 1/2 tbsp of baking powder
– 1/2 tbsp of sugar
– 1 Egg
– 120ml Milk
– dash of paprika
– Salt & pepper
– Oil

2 حبه كبيره بصل ابيض –
75 دقيق جرام –
2 نشـا ملعقة كبيره –
1/2 بيكنج بودر ملعقة كبيره –
1/2 سكـر ملعقة كبيره –
1 بيضه مخفوقه –
120 حليب مل –
رشة من البربيكا –
ملح وفلفل اسود حسب الرغبه –
وزيت للقلي –

Click to see a step by step in pictures


Since day one of releasing Zain’s E-GO 21.6 Mb/s, I was worried about sharing the high speed internet with other computers, and from that day I began to search for a router that is compatible with the 21.6 e-go but the result was a big ZERO, because non of the big brands started to develop a router that can handle that kind of speed, yet. Until I found the Dovado 3GN router which is the only router in the market that supports Zain’s E-GO.

I’m going to review it and the review will include:

  • Shape
  • What’s inside the box
  • Installation
  • Speed
  • Compatibility
  • Price
  • Drawbacks
  • Conclusion

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Its located in in Toronto, Canada and measuring just 2-meters wide, 14.3-meters long and just 95 sq. meters.  They want to sell it for KD48,307  and it “comes with three rooms, including a normal sized bathtub.

More pictures


After closing their one and only branch in Kuwait they’ve moved to Dubai and opened their first branch in Dubai Mall near the water fall.

Thanks INM


Remember the weirdest Pringles ever? Now here is it’s competitor from Lay’s!


Over the past 3 years if you see the charts above you will notice that the iPhone and BlackBerry smart phones are taking large percentage from Symbian OS which is mainly Nokia phones. Everything comes to an end, I’m not sure how Nokia will hold up, I don’t know much about it’s agenda and what it has in store for the future but as a former symbian fan I hope it can make a come back and end current fads. I heard there is a new software that acts like Whatsapp and BBM for Nokia and that it’s free. Obviously Nokia is playing catchup right now and I hope it can pull back some of it’s customers.


Someone gave me their business card after a meeting and I was really embarrassed for that person after reading it! Who puts their degree (with honors mind you) on their card?


I was surfing Amazon and found that if you pre-ordered Super Mario Galaxy 2 you will get it for KD14.5, plus free shipping, plus a voucher for KD6 for your next order.

Get it HERE


Google labs just indroduced new way of writing in Arabic, its with تَشْكِيل now, all what you need to do is to write down in the box and then click on تَشْكِيل and thats it!

Click HERE to go to Google’s labs.

Thanks Ahmad




Just wondering if anyone knows who is the Bandluxe dealer in Kuwait (if you don’t know what is BanLuxe, its for wireless internet routers and USB modems), if there is No dealer here in Kuwait, is there any in Dubai? if the answer is No again then my last question, is there any shop that sells wide range of Bandluxe products here in Kuwait or even Dubai?


He looks like sij mayghashmeer! 🙂


Just found out that Bread Talk now opened in Mishref’s co-op.

Thanks ANM


Soon there will be wedding hall in Mishref next to NBK’s branch. I don’t think this is the perfect location for it.




Just came from Aberdeen, finally home… sweet home.


Kuwait-Mall is offering a good deal which they grantee to deliver your iPad to your house within 7-10 April ( if you consider it will be released in the US in the 3rd of April) with a price of KD179, KD199 and KD239 for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB respectively. In addition they will give you 10% discount for the first 20 orders which I think is a good deal.

want to order? click HERE




Do you where can I find Quran written in English language in Kuwait? Because I need to send some for the guys here in Aberdeen, they are interested in reading it.




Got two questions for you guys and need your help because I’ve already did a search on Google and didn’t come up with anything, the questions are:

1. Can I redeem a UK iTune card if I’m signed in US store?

2. Can I merge two cards together? let’s say I got in the balance $10 and just bought $50 card, once its redeemed will my balance be $50 or $60?


Answers are:

1. No

2. Yes

So, I’m heading to Apple store to try to exchange it with anything else.


Just came from them and they’ve accept to exchange it. And I did exchange it with the MBP battery for Yousef’s laptop.




After facing one of the biggest let downs ever (Aberdeen) We decided to give Scotland a chance, and go to Edinburgh. Going by what people have been saying about it, and how they praise it on Aberdeen’s expense, we thought it’d be a good idea. We’re glad we ended up going to Edinburgh, it’s nothing like the God forsaken Aberdeen.

Edinburgh was heaven in comparison. We loved it because it gave options to those who visit. Great sceneries for those who like to observe and be in the middle of beautiful landscapes, Historical buildings and old streets for people who enjoy these sort of things, and a not so bad place for shopping! Which is something we’ve been missing in Aberdeen.

It was 2 hours and 20 minutes away, so we took a train in the early morning from Aberdeen to Edinburgh, and spent the whole day there. We went to one of biggest castles I’ve seen, and it was beautiful. We shopped and did some sightseeing before going back to… el3ella Aberdeen.

If you’re in europe somewhere close to Scotland, a visit to Edinburgh wouldn’t be a bad idea. I liked it a lot and thought it would be a nice place o visit again.

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I came to Scotland without having any idea what to expect, no one I knew came to Scotland and no one told me anything about this land of Scot. So if you wanted to beat any info outta me about scotland, I’d spit the word ‘braveheart’, and that would be it.

So when we first arrived, we got to learn Scotland’s main cities, which are:

  • Edinburgh. (Capital)
  • Glasgow.(Big city, very important and famous. Many big names have concerts in here)
  • Aberdeen. (eb kel basa6aa tegdar tegool enhaa eshwaikh el sena3eyaa .. ehyaa el man6aqa el sena3eyaa 3endohom o men garadat 7athey hathy ely ana saken fehaa!)
  • Inverness.
  • Stirling.
  • Perth.
  • Dundee.

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It taste like normal chocolate milk, but I was expecting something really good. Still KDD is the best.