I’ve been in love with Vaja Cases company for a long time. The company specializes in mobile cases, like Blackberry, iPhone, and even Ipad cases. Almost 2 months ago they announced that they’re ready to for the iPhone 4, so I went ahead and made my combination; I like dark gray and red, and placed my order. I had to wait for 45 days for the process. A couple of days ago it arrived via Fedex (I paid KD10.5 for customs and clearance). Check the whole unboxing through the link below.

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Pizza Hut promises that if you get your pizza and the Hot Dot does not say Hot, your next pizza is for free. Let’s see how it works out the next time I receive a tepid Pizza.


Wataniya Airline just announced that they downgraded their first class cabin to business class, so you will feel the price drop in that class significantly, moreover I’ve got an info that they will be adding new destinations to their current ones in the coming days and one of them is London.


Since the new Samsung Galaxy 9000S is expected to have high demand in Kuwait, and all over the world, I’ve decided to collect as much information as I can and let you know about the best deal you can get.

From the table above it seems that Wahran’s got the lowest prices for both of the versions.

P.S. Negri Electronics is an online store that can deliver via Fedex to your doorsteps.


Regarding the warranties: Wahran provide their own warranty, and Electrozan offer AlBabtain’s warranty. As for the rest, please help us out if you know any information regarding their warranties.


For those, like me, who enjoy the blue amber and are looking for the blue amber misbahs, this is your chance. You can book your ticket for Dubai next weekend to attend  the October Dubai Jewellery week during 6-9th October 2010 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre and head directly to booth No. J27.

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Click here to see the Arabic Interface.


Just got out of surgery.


Simple & Creative, want to order? Click HERE it will cost you around KD 8.5

Now the real question to all the girls”Will you dare?”


لكل الذين لديهم طلب اسكاني والى الان لم يحن الوقت لكي تخصص لهم القسائم او البيوت

من هنا تستطيع ان تستعلم عن طلبك الاسكاني الذي قدمتة فقط قم بزيارة الرابط التالي وقم بوضع رقمك المدني ومن ثم اضغط بحث سوف تجد اسمك وكل بياناتك وتاريخ تقديم للطلب

Thanks Ali


Almost two weeks ago I bought Kensington’s bluetooth keyboard iPad Case, and used it for almost 10 days. It really felt like I was using a little notebook.

After using it for a while and carrying it around, I must say that the keyboard makes the whole thing bulky, almost negates the idea behind the iPad. Some may wonder why didn’t I get a little laptop instead then if I wanted a real keyboard? Well, I think having the mobility of the iPad is nice, and then having the keyboard option whenever I feel like it, is even nicer.



Gap, Old Navy & Banana Republic are now officially shipping directly to Kuwait, More over you can now display the prices in KWD. You can check it by your self.


KBSoft would like to invite you to koutbo6.com 10th anniversary event.

“The event will take place at JW Marriott Hotel Al-Jahra ballroom, Thursday evening, September 23, 2010 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

In addition to the anniversary event, We will be holding RAMADAN 2010 winners ceremony.

Everyone here at KBSoft looks forward to meeting you and share our success with you at our 10th anniversary.”


The famous hosting company is now for sale, They are asking for $1 billion. Thanks god we moved our blog from them.



Got it by email and it was issued in 22/Sep/1938 and got signed by Ghanim Bin Saqer Al-Ghanim


Eureka is selling Tvs and other stuff that compatable with skype, I thought you can’t get any tool that deal with skype here in Kuwait since skype.com is blocked.

Thanks 9K2HN




I used to have Canon D450 which was my birthday gift from my wife, Couple of days ago my birthday was and my wife brought to me the Sony NEX-5 as in update for my previous camera, I’ve spent almost a week with it and will talk about it in brief by the way the result was impresive.

I’m going to break my review into:

  • Features
  • Whats in the box
  • Dimensions
  • Good
  • Bad
  • Conclusion
  • Image Samples

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Just saw this picture in one of the tweets in Twitter and wondering if anyone of you guys saw this on Al Rai TV, if its true I’m not blaming her but I’m blaming Al Rai TV for Accepting it.


And Friday will be Eid inshalah, Eidkom Mubarak 🙂

Thanks Ali


Mishary I was just writing about it and you beat me to it 😛

So tomorrow’s the last day of Ramadan which makes our holiday one day LONGER!!! 😀

عسى الله يتقبل صيامكم وصلاتكم وقيامكم وصالح أعمالكم وتعودونه كل سنة بالصحة والعافية


I won a free line from Zain recently I wanted to it to be a Microsim, but today I recieved the Simcard but it wasn’t a microsim card and they’ve attached a letter (The one Above) telling me they are out of stock and that I can bring the current the one they sent at any time with the letter to replace it for free.

There must be a lot of iPhone 4s being used in Kuwait.. The last I checked there was over 700 units imported, I bet that number has quadrupled by now.