Mubarak 3alaikom alshahar, they’ve just announced it.


Just found out that my wife bought this Sholl HydraStep slipper which is basically got contains a special moisturising gel which nourishes the skin while you walk .

The gel in the sole of the sandal is infused with gentle natural emollients, vitamin E and a delicate fragrance.

You can order them from HERE for around KD 11.5


Remember I was asking for some thing like this idea before? Well now it seems its available but lets see if they allow me to get it as MicroSim or not because it comes with E-Go, Other than that I have to convert it by my self . It seems also its a good offer the eeZee line + E-Go + 1.5 KD in account will cost you 10 KD only.

Thanks Ali


Remember my previous post? Well it seems now Saudi has Settled it down and they came to deal which is unknown yet, but the service is back now and its fully functional.



Old is Gold, Do you remember it?




Yes this is what do you call it creative person, out of the 16 pictures she draw a heart shape.


The result will be …. JUNK




It seems that UAE announced it officially that the BBM service will no more allowed and worked across the UAE from the coming Oct. more over KSA just also announced that from this Aug. the BBM service will be banned.





Remember last month I wrote about the MicroSim adapter? Well, Just received them and they are perfectly doing their job.

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It seems that Vimto’s management here in Kuwait liked Apple’s latest policy with the iPhone that its not allowed to buy more than 2 iPhone/person .. Yes since we’re close to Ramadan they allow buying only two bottles per person of Vimto here in any Co-Op.


Since most of time my work need from me to be in the field and facing these high temperature now a days, Just noticed one of my friends was wearing this cooling headband and he’s wearing it around his neck, So I’ve asked him whats the purpose of wearing it? The answer was really interesting, its simply remains hydrated for more than 8 – 10 hrs after you soak it in water for just 10 – 15 mins.

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I wont tell you its made of what.. i want you to figure it out, I want to see whats your imagination will take you to, Hint: Its not made of a usual thing. And at the end of the day I will tell you from what its made of.

UPDATE: only two got it right, Hana & Nawnaw its made of Bokhoor so I can burn it whenever I need and it will give me a good smell, on the other hand some of the comments make me laugh whenever i read them, 6a3amat Tamir, Old Dinasour bone & iPad


Just noticed that they’ve changed most of them to Mushrif. I think the old spelling was much better.

Thabks INM & HNM


Couple of days ago me & my wife ordered from McDonalds two quarter pounder and mine was with extra cheese so its kind of special order for them, We’ve found out that the’ve changed the packing of it ,which now is exactly the same as the one in the US and Europe.

And one more thing since mine was with extra cheese they’ve add a sticker on it, telling me that its made only for me and the surprise was that its really fresher than the original one that my wife had .


Yes finally its completed. Just received two iPhone 4 16GB  from UK store, I’ve ordered them from my Kuwaiti Visa and UK Shop & Ship address.

Both of them they cost me for Shop & Ship around KD10.5 which is acceptable but the thing which is the not acceptable is the clearance from the customs which takes almost double the period of the shipping it self, Shipping from UK to Kuwait is 2 days and waiting for clearance is 4 days. Anyhow it worth the wait at the end because its an iPhone 🙂


My iPhone 4 arrived in Kuwait a week ago and got stuck in customs. I called Shop&Ship, and guess what? the clearance from the customs gonna take not less than 5 days! yes 5 days, he said that do not expect to get your iPhone before Thursday. I asked him why will It take that long? He said because of the new rules and stuff. I found his comment about the amount of iPhones imported very interesting, he told me that more than 700 iPhone 4 are imported via Shop&Ship since it’s release.


Since we’re still in the summer season and many of the guys with me at work came up with different thoughts and ideas for there vocation, The most interesting idea I found for both couples/singles now a days is to go for a private pool villas same as the one in Maldives,  Phuket … ect. But to have it very close to Kuwait such as Dubai or Bahrain or any GCC country. Some of the famous  hotels in GCC countries who’s offering the private pool are:

  • Al Areen Palace & Spa, Bahrain (Ex Banyan Tree): This was a very good choice but its no longer belongs to Banyan Tree chain so you will loss all the benefits.
  • Banyan Tree Al Wadi, Ras Al Khaimah: Its a good choice but the only disadvantage thats you’re far from Dubai center so if you want to go for Dubai for some shopping you have to waste more than an hour for driving.

So guys do you recommend any  other resorts that offer the same? or did you tried the above resorts before?


Sheik of the Artist is a short documentary film about the life and art of the Kuwaiti Artist Khalifa Qattan (1934-2003) and the art concept he came up with and called Circulism in the early 1960s.

فلم “شيخ الفنانين” هو فلم وثائقي قصير يتحدث عن حياة و فن الفنان الكويتي الراحل خليفة القطان رحمة الله عليه و عن المدرسة “الدائرية” التي ابتكرها في بدايات الستينات  الفلم مقدم باللغة الإنجليزية مع ترجمة بالعربية ، من إنتاج مؤيد حسن و هو باحث كويتي و طالب في درجة الدكتوراه من جامعة بيرمينجهام البريطانية  يمكن مشاهدة الفلم وقراءة المزيد عنه عن طريق الموقع


Thanks Moayad


You can now book your tickets now through your Blackberry or any other mobile devices by clicking on

Thanks Ahmad


A couple of years ago when I was in the US I noticed Johnny Rockets’s special dance, and it was interesting, i loved it, so once I got back to Kuwait i asked them about it, and their reply was ‘ because dancing isn’t allowed in Kuwait’. But yesterday INM went there and saw ‘the dance’ for the first time and asked them about it. Turned out they’ve just started doing it less than a month ago.

Thanks INM